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Published on November 22, 2017

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Aphelion is trying to build a Decentralized Exchange on the NEO Blockchain. They are aiming to build it as a Dapp that will allow the matching of users via “DEAL” (Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger) and cross chain atomic swaps.
Aphelion Website: aphelion.org/
Aphelion Whitepaper: aphelion.org/wp.html

***This is a sponsored review. I have reserved the rights to form my own opinion. With all ICOs, do you thorough independent research**


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  1. Just got listed on Kukoin and their wallet is legit.

  2. objectivity is a tough call when sponsorship deals are signed. But Michael, I respect you opinion immensely.

  3. Jeff

    Aphelion is rubbish. If you’re interested in a decentralized exchange on NEO blockchain, read the Neon Exchange (NEX) white paper.

  4. COBINHOOD. World first, decentralized exchange. zero fees.

  5. A decentralised exchange based on NEO, which is the only crypto the highly centralised China likes…

  6. So excited to be holding Neo. Going to be a good year next year.

  7. V J

    Michael is NEO hater..

  8. This is a GREAT project! Will be really competitive and make Ethereum based exchanges obsolete.

  9. I'll stay with the BitShares DEX 😉

  10. Decentralized exchange on a Chinese based system??? Sounds unlikely the Chinese would allow it.

  11. Raph B

    Aphelion is a scam.

  12. Another project asking for money too early

  13. How the hell will wallets works with all this going on?

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