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Published on October 4, 2018
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Apollo BitMart Exchange Announced!

BitMart Signup: www.bitmart.com
Please use this link to signup for Bitmart to help the Journeyto100k channel and fund future giveaways! (KYC Verified required)

brave.com/jou442 – Use this link to download Brave and support the channel! I would love to give away some Basic Attention Token (BAT) in the next giveaway! This blockchain based browser is going to be massive and revolutionize digital advertising. The Brave browser is already the best browser on the internet and it supports cryptocurrency and blockchain!! Everyone in crypto and blockchain should use this browser, even if they know nothing about Basic Attention Token. This is the perfect way to add a few hundred bucks of passive income to your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Huge prizes for top 10 and even better prizes for top 3! Earn points/entries by completing tasks in the contest dashboard and referring other people.

Contest will last until Sept 28th. All top 10 winners will be contacted by email after the contest is over to verify wallet IDs for prizes. The 800 APL winners will be sent their coins throughout October (5000 Apollo wallets can take a long time to get through!)

I have included 1 Million Apollo coins and 1000 Ripple XRP from my own stash in the contest, the rest of the prizes are donated from sponsors.

Support the channel:

Get the brave browser: brave.com/jou442

Donate Cryptocurrency:

(Note: I only list BTC and ETH for donations because these funds will be used to improve the channel and for future giveaways, so I don’t want to accept coins that will be immediately used because it would drive the price down in order to sell. BTC and ETH have enormous volume and can handle small sell offs.)

Bitcoin (BTC):

Ethereum (ETH):

100% of donations and commissions are used to improve the channel and expand the channel.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment and not invest anything you can’t afford to lose. Always advise with a professional financial advisor before making your own investments.


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  1. Thanks for all of the information you bring to the community. I think what I like about idax the most is that when you hover your pointer over the bid and ask prices, it shows you the fiat value. Pretty cool, and I wish the other exchanges (especially Binance) would adopt this feature. Also, I'm looking forward to see your contest winners. My standing has dropped out of the top 50 since I didn't have a lot of referrals and was inactive for a few days, but I do wish all the participants good luck. Great to see the community getting the word out to people who may not have seen the opportunities of APL and the partners. Whether we win or lose the actual contest, we will all win when the price rises because we have gotten the word out to more potential investors and backers of the project. My thanks to you, Apollo and the other partners who have donated the prizes to make this possible!

  2. Is Apollo supported by nano ledger? I would like to transfer it to my ledger. Thanks

  3. Hi, great project and team. I expect good news from project.

  4. I just register at BitMart, going to sell APL at BitMart soon!

  5. Amazing project with a good idea! I wish success to this team!

  6. Thanks Tony! I agree with you. The IDAX exchange is pretty solid as an exchange. Bitmart also looks like it will be similar. Things are marching ahead!

  7. i love apollo Thanks for the update

  8. Hi Tony. ….. thanks for the updates …….

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