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Published on November 9, 2018
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Apollo announces privacy features IP masking 2.0, mass adoption plan + CHINA lifts crypto ban. Now legal to use and own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in China! More news

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  1. Honestly how can one lose faith in apollo no degree steve fake MSNBC add and last but not least CRACk HEAD MCAFEE. …
    I SOLD MINE LOST ONLY 2K$ I BOUGHT 4K PRESALE would of lost it all, apl just hype with the crack, be serious, i feel bad for everone still in that APL mess.

  2. m s

    Apollo coin
    A complete marketing spin shite coin with absolutely no real product.
    What's their code? What has its " team " Actually done ?
    Sweet F all.

  3. i was part apollo airdrop but still not receive any token,can you tell me why

  4. Listen as an apollo holder this In my opinion will be a long time commitment so definetly stock up on it…However People are more interested in social media rather than fast transactions., Uhive will be the future of Social media , Dyor… thank me by using my referral code in the Uhive telegram @giclassic once you purchase tokens.. Trust , you will not regret it..

  5. Hey Tony great news. I received my Apollo thank you

  6. another quality video Tony – you're the best youtuber around

  7. This lift on the ban still doesn't allow exchanges to operate in the country. Also, no ICO's

  8. same day release is coincidence I think. We def need more exchanges!

  9. MetaMorph
    Can you do a update video on the coin metamorph and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what's the future of this. Thank you

  10. Is it safe to leave our Apollo on IDAX during the transition is the Question..

  11. Yo! Man. Take care of yourself. Leave all those synthetic vitamins alone. They are not good for you, no matter what Dr says it is. I had it happen to me before, I did my own deep research, and now only take organic plant based vitamins, whenever I do take a vitamin, and thats only about twice a month. Great video.

  12. Hi Tony. Thanks for the great video.

  13. Freat news.Apollo s paving the way for mass adoption for the world. Physical locations is the key.

  14. Good news, incoming tide raises all ships …btc and Apollo to the Freakn Moon!

  15. The questions about if we need to put Apollo in a wallet when Idax changes things or its safe to just leave it there during the process and also what's this McAfee with CPOLLO…What's that??? I was hoping he just made a drunken high typo….but Idk. What is that??? Thanks in advance.

  16. Hey Tony, Thankyou for the vid. I very much appreciate what you do. Can you please Answer a couple of questions in the comments. You will see that I have the Same questions in the question comments. Thankyou.

  17. Scam coin and this you tuber know it he is getting paid to promote this shit coin I have 2,200,000 of these shit coins

  18. Can I leave my APL on IDAX, or should I tranfer back to my APL wallet until after the update? I dont want to lose my Apollo!

  19. China will fomo out of fear that it will be banned again.

  20. Not losing faith in Apollo but the price is somewhat alarming

  21. Good you're doing well Tony. Apollo will do great with all the fantastic news.

  22. Great news tony, thanks for the information again

  23. Vande89

    Hey Tony! Do you like CPOLLO? I know it’s a MCAFFEE partner too.


  24. Hey Tony. I got the 800 Apollo for being in the contest. Thank you.

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