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Published on September 13, 2019

Page: www.apollocurrency.com/

Hello, today I would like to present you another ICO review.
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I know that some of you may not like that on the channel you will not find business advice and movies about your own company.
I’ve been doing this for the last few years and it’s time for small changes.
I love new challenges and blockchain technology, so now the films will be about new ICO projects that have the opportunity to make you millionaires and revolutionize the world.


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  1. الوعي سلاحنا

    apollo hug project and strong community , i think this coin will hit 3 usd or more

  2. Klimenkov Stas

    nice one

  3. Kevin Faber

    Most useful information, I learn a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dennis Chin

    very amazing project….many people benefit from this apollo cryptocurrency.

  5. Patrick Flores

    It is very useful to us..keep upload more videos

  6. Tonya Jensen

    Is it really helpful for public transactions?

  7. *Lacasse*

    really interesting project with more features

  8. Kirti Walia

    I think that I will gain in the digital currency. Keep sharing more videos…

  9. Rashid Raghavan

    Now I have a clearance about Apollo Currency. Thanks for sharing…

  10. john maxwell

    I have seen the honest review.

  11. george son

    You have done a fabulous job. Keep doing the good work.

  12. Queenie XRP

    so many you tubers pumping this coin. Its already been done in the privacy space, nothing new! Why would anyone part with their cash before a company have even lauched? I would like to set up a shop, anyone want to fund it??

  13. David K

    apollocurrency.com – impressive project, working wallet with tons of dashboard features, great customer service as well. bought last week since its a cde usa can buy using credit card. friendly community on telegram over 14k followers. for a 10% bonus use referral code APL-BB8J-DVH6-RZ9G-3RQ8A

  14. Александр Алексеенко

    I myself actively participate in this project. I like the idea unambiguously. I also participate in the Tokengo project, where the idea is simply wonderful, and the team is active.

  15. king Cryptowork

    make video on sprinto coin token The Biggest ICO Of the Year SPRINTO
    Pre ICO 2,000,000 Pre ICO Price 0.2$
    Refer Bonus 3 level 10%,8%,6%
    Lending Program per month 55 %

  16. Tobi Op

    Join the Airdrop and get 1000 Apollo Coins for free: airdrops.io/apollo-currency/#ref53n1
    (You must have Twitter and Telegram to claim the coins). Only 5000 participants! Be fast!

  17. James C

    Just passing some info on MASSIVE AIRDROP! 1000 Apollo to everyone! (actually I think may be limited to the 5000 that can join) Its free coins for doing nothing more than creating wallet joining telegram and tweeter and retweeting

  18. smoz

    Meta aaL Factory ICO??? What?

  19. smoz

    Meta aaL Factory ICO??? What?

  20. Anna Ramirez

    Yes Also join MEtal factory ico!

  21. Aon Bheannach

    BEST ICO 2018 Metal Factory !!!

  22. Aurum Z

    metaLFactory ICO??? What?

  23. TTale

    metaLFactory ICO??? What?

  24. heather miranda

    How Much Do you Think This ICO Coin will Be worth XY0.NETWORK In 1 Year? And Can You buy as a US Citizen? Im new to all this.

  25. Sharmin Sultana Diba

    You explain very clearly. Can you do a video about new ICOs too? I'm interested specifically in SciDex.co.

  26. rodee slongs

    Great thoughts Man! Why don't you do another one for Scidex too.

  27. Waylon Dalton

    i the project is favourable to anyone since it contains many different features

  28. mohammed hidayat


  29. Andre Arntzen

    You know its not an Ico right? Its coin distribusjon

  30. uCrackedit

    Great video! APL-CGD9-B8NM-LV6V-54RMB

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