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Published on December 1, 2017

The iPhone is so successful that it practically prints money. Which gives me an idea: what if Apple combined Apple Pay with cryptocurrency to *actually* print money?

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  1. saeed qazi

    Sir lost in apple coin

  2. Scan End

    You missed something – the problem with centralising a digital currency is you lose the main benefit you get from crypto – the avoidance of what's called the 'violence hack' in that no central authority can take you down, whether it financial regulator or government. As crypto is both everywhere and nowhere, decentralised, distributed and (quasi) anonymous it doesn't belong to a nation, it's borderless, and short of taking down the entire internet globally, is unstoppable. And believe me if you have been paying attention for the past decade and looked at the headlines, the SEC and governments around the world would love to take it down, but they can't because it's not centralised. This is the violence hack – the use of force and legislation/regulation to take something down. If Apple created its own blockchain or coin then by definition it would centralised. Also it would be tied to a company, what happens if Apple went under – unthinkable right now I know – but at some point in all likelihood it will happen, empires rise and fall all the time and if your currency is not independent of your corporate structure then all your money thats held in that unit of value is prone to fluctuations or disappearance altogether. The best approach Apple could take is allowing it's NFC chip available to all wallet makers and payment networks – it could require that they go through extra layers of security screening before they are approved, but I think thats where Apple could make a real difference. But this is anathema to the Apple way of walled gardens. There are some places where that approach is good for instance the coupling of hardware and software but there are areas where it is a net negative to users of Apple products for instance the instance of using Apple services when you own the hardware such as Apple Pay. Similarly the insistence that only App Store approved apps can be downloaded and there is no other method aside from jailbreaking allowed.

  3. Lelly Flawless

    apple is in bed with both goverments and banks so this is very unlikely

  4. The Distributed Exchange: Blockchain and Beyond

    Billion and Billion of Tokens (BABOT) is where the economy is going. Tokens here mean different types of tokens. The idea of forming one single token everyone will use, is going to end up being a problem. Apple doing a cryptowallet would be killer though.

  5. Indetronable Esport

    I like you bro

  6. samuel quispe ramos

    I'm interested in buying apple coins, what wallet do you recommend guys..

  7. Shelley E

    I LOVE it!!!!

  8. P Z

    this is such a well made video! 10/10, calm explanation, visuals, etc.

  9. John Churchill

    apple has nothing to do with apple coin

  10. dee nixon

    So another centralized currency

  11. Denis Black

    i'm an iOS Developer and yes, mining on iOS is 100% possible, there are working examples already

  12. C P U

    emc2 apple brilliant

  13. Stacy Dale Barendse

    Apple will be another bitcoin copycat blockchain. Bitcoin will no longer be decentralized if lighting network is implemented

  14. Harshpreet Singh

    Notification Squad?

  15. KiraStrengthMaster

    Why only 2K subscribers!!!? Interesting idea. Unfair. Subscribe.

  16. Elena Cardenas

    You've just earned yourself a new sub. 🙂 Great job!

  17. Kai Cyreus this actually possible? I'd be so in. I've never touched an Apple product.

  18. Rukmani Priya

    Watching this in my subscription I was like "wait First I want to know about BITCOIN them we'll see about APPLE COIN"
    jumped into the internet what is bitcoin get lost came back here,
    * I got to know what is bitcoin, UNIX, history of apple [kinda], what's their next move; is that too much for a fourteen year old ?*

  19. karatesoccerbaseball

    A really useful website would be one in which athletes can buy their health and fitness products directly. They would not have to worry about using the wrong product because the product on the site is verified by their league.

  20. Programical

    Honestly, I liked the previous thumbnail more.

  21. Harry Baird

    Yes! I love this channel. ❤️

  22. testgamer

    I think bitcoin, among others, is a good economic idea, but unfortunately I can not stand this kind of coins knowing that they consume so much energy and this bad for global warming. I mean that bitcoin mining currently consumes more electricity than 159 countries

  23. StrangerOman

    This is bad idea. But after watching it. It actually not that bad.

  24. A T

    I think trying to say "if governments don't like it" it must be good, is a cheap throwaway line meant for humor, and it's also wrong.

    Having a centralized currency means everyone has an easy way to figure out how to buy and sell. We all agree a dollar is a dollar. The people have an interest in a stable and consistent means of trading with each other. The government also has huge institutions in place for trying to regulate inflation, control the money supply, and generally try to create a stable market. Bitcoin is a volatile and unstable currency. Apple can't simply introduce a new currency and try to dominate the world with it and expect it to be stable within the market. Apple doesn't appear to have any company expertise in currency markets or exchanges to make this work in an economic capacity. This video only seems to look at it from a technical level, which is the major failing of any cryptocurrency implementation thus far… the economic impact on all people on the economy as a whole.

  25. Cypher

    What's next? iState? iNation? iTaxes?

  26. Second Thought

    Never thought about the counter to the "Apple never does anything first" argument. Very thoughtful video!

  27. Here's the Bad Version

    This is where I think Apple will go next. Did I miss something? Do you have a better idea? I'd love to hear your version.

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