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Published on December 4, 2018

Arb Pricing Trends ? Alt Coin Market Update ?￰

Crypto Arbitraging:
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Telegram for common questions:[email protected]

Crypto Mining with Asama

Dividend Smart Contracts:

Charting of Smart Contracts:

Getting started with MetaMask to interact with Smart Contracts:
Step 1: Install MetaMask plugin to your Chrome/Firefox web browser:
Step 2: Send Ethereum to your MetaMask address (click 3 dots in MetaMask then select “view account on etherscan for Eth address.”
Step 3: Buy Tokens from Dashboard of website or backup website interacting with the smart contract. Enter the amount of Ethereum you have in your MetaMask account. Consider bumping up the gas 1 or 2 to make transaction go through faster and hit submit button.
Step 4: Confirm your transaction from the dashboard and MetaMask drop down menu. More information can be found by clicking on the transaction.
Step 5: Withdraw, Reinvest or Hodl your earnings/dividends to your MetaMask wallet as needed.

Connect with Clover:

Decentralized Exchanges Organized by trading volume:
Open Ledger:
Stellar Dex:
Radar Relay:




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  1. Hello Dear ,
    Can you coding a triangular arbitrage bot for binance ? Thanks You !

  2. when the arb went above $0.70 i sold out made 17%+ in 9 days now out the platform. If the price drops again i may buy back in. I have a load in p3d im not selling but not buying either until the sells are closer to the buys.

  3. I advise take a liking to ICO TELEGRAM) This token will get to the TOP of 10 cryptocurrencies at once. Literally for a couple of days 80% of tokens were snapped up on

  4. To your very last point about Eth price in relation to Arb price, for the past good 5 days or so it doesnt seem like the two have been correlated. I think it was before this little few day period though. My Theory is that people dont really change their Arb bids even though Eth price is changing. Just my observation over the past few days! Youre the man Mr. Clover!

  5. Did all of you manage to buy Telegram tokens? Over 80% of tokens were sold for a couple of days on I'm surprised) This coin has a bright future)

  6. At last Pavel Durov opened ICO for lesser mortals) Literaaaally for a couple of days they snapped up almost all tokens on

  7. Appreciating your work, Clover. So useful to have someone of your integrity checking all this stuff out. I've got about 12.5 ETH into ARB now, dropped all the smart contracts. Just praying it doesn't do a Bitconnect! Guess the main risk is the ARB suddenly dropping in value but I figure it's good for a few months so at least I'll get my original investment back.
    Thanks again. Appreciate your channel the most in the crypto field

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