Arbitrade Cryptobontix Dignity Token Update Review 2 June

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Published on November 24, 2018
BitBay - Exchange Digital Currencies | Arbitrade Cryptobontix Dignity Coin June 2 Update Review

Welcome to the Arbitrade Cryptobontix Dignity Coin June 2 Update Review. This #dignitytokenupdate is in lieu of the updates that I have seen on @ArbitradeX which spawned this quick overview. I know the excitement for me is skyrocketing and many people have reached out and asked to just provide some kind of update about this amazing opportunity.

This is such a great time to show interest in #cryptocurrency or #preciousmetals #gold #silver #platinum or #palladium. You will be become more familiar with crypto mining, or mining rigs or Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and more. Cryptobontix and Arbitrade are reinventing an old idea and introducing what can be the new #GoldStandardForCrypto and how we trade cryptocurrencies online or purchase Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium.

I use reference sites for for all information in the video:
Cryptobontix Links (last email sent out)

Arbitrade Links (Forum referenced)

Exchange Referenced

Reference to #UnityIngot from February

* Earnings Disclaimer* I don’t make any claims that you will make money from what you see in this video not do I recommend taking action on anything cryptocurrency related until you speak to your financial advisor or lawyer. This video is intended to pass on information as of 2 June 2018 regarding Arbitrade and Cryptobontix and Dignity plus the Bonus Token they refer to via the Airdrop. You assume all risk when making any investment like this or any other for that matter.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Arbitrade Cryptobontix Dignity Coin June 2 Update Review

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I am not an expert in the cryptocurrency market just passionate about this token and how it can impact my life and may others for that matter. I am just a regular guy who spotted something BIG and was happy enough to share it with all so hopefully you take the tip and run with it ?


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  1. DIG price is going down and down and down and no support… it won t recover soon

  2. Thanks Lee. It was a mistake from the company to advice on using Mycelium!
    (sorry if you cover this in your video as well, did not watch all of it).
    They send an update on that issue. Mycelium is a BTC wallet, it does NOT store ERC20 tokens. You will lose your coins if you send it there.

  3. I’m not removing my $DIG from livecoin until the withdrawal fee is less than 318 DIG. Day light robbery….

  4. The twenty five minute disclaimer at the beginning could have been narrowed down to twenty five seconds.

    Saying ‘due diligence’ 173 times in a single YouTube video has to be some sort of a record!

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