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Published on November 6, 2018 Arbitrade Dignity Token News Update Review 5 Nov

Welcome to the Arbitrade Dignity Token News Update Review 5 Nov. This #arbitradepressrelease regarding the #goldaudit provides alot of hope and gives the type of arbitrade news is a must see. Remember the gold that is secured helps to back each token that Cryptobontix currently offers. So $DIG $NAM $HNR $ORE $ECHO now has actual gold backing each token #arbitrade. There has has been recent #crypto #cryptonews regarding Arbitrade Headquarters.

Knowing that you are showing interest in #cryptocurrency or #preciousmetals whether it be #gold #silver #platinum or #palladium. Cryptobontix and Arbitrade are reinventing an old idea and introducing what can be the new #GoldStandardForCrypto and how we trade cryptocurrencies online or purchase Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium and #cryptomining and #bullionbackedtokens

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Arbitrade Links (Forum referenced)

These are the new links shared in this video:

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* Earnings Disclaimer* I don’t make any claims that you will make money from what you see in this video not do I recommend taking action on anything cryptocurrency related until you speak to your financial advisor or lawyer. This video is intended to pass on information that has recently come out in the last few weeks regarding Arbitrade and Cryptobontix. Always make sure to consult your lawyer or financial advisor when making any financial decisions!

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I am not an expert in the cryptocurrency market just passionate about this company and the tokens they are providing to the public. I am just a regular guy who spotted something BIG and happy to share it so hopefully it finds you! #notfinancialadvise


  1. Ernest Of Gaia

    Gold has been down since spring and is not "shooting up" just a lil fact check, thanks for update, I dig Dig and am excited for the new exchanges coming on

  2. Casey Calder

    Bag holder moon talk

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