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Published on November 10, 2018

Arbitraging aBot based on Blackbird ? May Vlog Day 30 ?

Crypto Arbitraging:
Telegram for common questions:[email protected]

Crypto Mining with Asama

Charting of Smart Contracts:

Getting started with MetaMask to interact with Smart Contracts:
Step 1: Install MetaMask plugin to your Chrome/Firefox web browser:
Step 2: Send Ethereum to your MetaMask address (click 3 dots in MetaMask then select “view account on etherscan for Eth address.”
Step 3: Buy Tokens from Dashboard of website or backup website interacting with the smart contract. Enter the amount of Ethereum you have in your MetaMask account. Consider bumping up the gas 1 or 2 to make transaction go through faster and hit submit button.
Step 4: Confirm your transaction from the dashboard and MetaMask drop down menu. More information can be found by clicking on the transaction.
Step 5: Withdraw, Reinvest or Hodl your earnings/dividends to your MetaMask wallet as needed.

Connect with Clover:

Decentralized Exchanges Organized by trading volume:
Open Ledger:
Stellar Dex:
Radar Relay:

ICO Projects I endorse:



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  1. U may benefit from a nice girlfriend to watch out for u and ur valuables bud

  2. Did you learn nothing from the BitConnect exit scam? Hope you don't lose too much this time.

  3. Thanks for the shout out bro! Hope all has been well for you. Glad to see your involved in ARB.

  4. I haven’t made it through the whole video yet so maybe you answered the question. My question is; is this legal to participate in, in the U.S.?

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  6. HEY HEY HEY.. You should ask yourself. Why doesn't Arb have on their exchange a BID,ASK LAST..?
    You cant run a exchange properly without a Spread in price.. Thought you said you traded. The Only internal exchange that was Real was BCC.. All others are Fake.. Long live the KING BCC/BCCX

  7. Fox trading Ico and luxx coin might be of interest. Fox are a serious branded trading bot and luxx is a multi channel income Ico but has a great 3 month staking option at $1 for .35 cent coin keep up the good work helping a lot

  8. Another thing to remember about the token holders list is that only shows those who hold tokens in MEW or Metamask wallets. It doesn't represent those like me who have everything on the platform either in the abot, the website wallet, or the exchange.

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  10. jch376

    The really awesome thing about Arbitraging is that you can make money in a down market.. !!! Big bonus w/ Arbitrage

  11. I got very very lucky today. Normally (well always) I never can pick the top. However today I was able to sell some at .0014 and then rebuy at .001157 for a nice little profit. That NEVER happens to me. Normally if I sell at a certain price, it keeps climbing to the moon without me.

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