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Published on November 6, 2018
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  1. Hello Adam, i think we need very badly some better affiliate program…..
    it's time for the Comunity to start getting more people into ARB….
    If David can provide to the Comunity a attractive Affiliate Program with Bonuses….
    You will see a big army of people online promoting ARB radically …..

    Price of ARB would be already 50$ or 120$ if our 47.000 member of the ARB comunity would have a nice affiliate program…..

    Trevon James and other Big youtubers would go nuts about it!!!

    David can make it possible to get us a better referral programm

    Everyone online will promote ARB it will be a mass adoption!!!!

    ,, A Referral program is key for turning the power of our community into a Marketing power to adopt the masses very quickly ".

  2. Par8dox

    Hey, I have a question.

    If for example I bought 1000x arb at $10 a token ($10,000), waited 6 months and they was $100 a token, I would now have $100,000 to put into abot.

    My question is how can abot afford to pay me the extra $90,000 for my tokens to put into abot? If for example 100 people did this that would be an extra $9,000,000 abot would have to pay for our tokens. Would that not now rely on a ponzi to keep the platform running??

  3. I love the opening of this video! Amazing job Adam this is your best video yet! 🙂

  4. Great made Movie… love it !!! 🙂 and if You listen at the End of David's speech suddenly Austin was screaming ,,ABOT, ABOT, ABOT" and thats because i wrote him in the Livechat to say ,,ABOT" loud so that David can hear it and also talk about ABOT wich is totally Automated version of MBOT wich should be explained too to the Judge's….. but because of Limited Speech time it could not happen …… anyway big Thanks to Austin for trying 🙂 …….. anyway David did a AMAZING Job…. and all of the Team too ….. I'm Proud of You Guys ….. I believed in ARB since the beginning and will do it till the End !!! Let's Fly this Rocket all well together as a Comunity to the MOOONN !!!!!!!!! Hail ARB !!!!

  5. So much to love about this video! From flying over the clouds to hearing you sing cruising down the highway adjacent to 10 acres of solar arrays to David and arbitraging winning Token Tank! Thanks Adam! Great video xx

  6. Awesome i lernt more from this than i did digging thru the internets

  7. A very successful meeting and conference. I'm really happy you made it across continents to make it!

  8. The cloud shots at the beginning are truly awesome.

  9. He does a little better than I would do lol.. stage fright is a real struggle lol

  10. Nice. Thanks for the upload. ARB!!!

  11. IL-Matt

    That intro was cool almost as cool as ARB winning Token Tank!

  12. what more can u expect from a 100% flawless project ARB will be on top for the netx 10years imo
    great vid Adam

  13. So cool to watch, thanks ever so much for posting, ARRRRB to the mooooooooooooooooooon.

  14. great clip adam, those solar towers look so cool

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