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Published on December 12, 2018

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00:00-09:55 Introduction to Tijo, his philosophy and Arcane Bear

09:55- 17:50 How do you see cryptocurrencies being utilized in “third world” countries?

17:50-27:30 Are we in a simulated reality? What should we be learning from this?

27:30-36:00 What have you observed during your time spent with indigenous communities in Central America?

36:00-41:30 What is the most poignant revelation you’ve had with your experience in this space?

41:30-44:30 How did you come up with the name “Arcane Bear”?

44:30-49:22 What role do you see Arcane Bear playing in this world in the new few years?


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  1. From the point in this video of your guest answering the second question that you posed, I realized that he is brilliant. Great guest, I need to learn more.

  2. Phil F

    Great interview Heidi this is one heck of an alive awake intelligently wound up person. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Heidi. Very interesting interview!

  4. Wait he said that our names are in capital letters on our birth certificate is because of capitalsm?

  5. Great interview and questions to learn about the Bear… that is one connected guy. Special person.

  6. Tijo is such a pretentious pseudo-intellectual. I don’t believe his attempt at sincerity.

  7. Someone pinch me I’m watching two of my favorite people in this space have an intelligent and philosophical conversation and allowing the community to witness it!! Thank you Tijo and Heidi!

  8. You always do great interviews. The lights are reflected really bad off your glasses.

  9. Heidi you are back in Portugal! 🙂 Good for you and good luck with the winter, houses are freaking cold… Great video once again! Super cool to hear Arcane bear thoughts and stories. Just a comment from an "insider": there s a lot of retirement homes in PT but I can imagine that those are probably a lot less than in than North America or Northern/Central Europe. Keep up! 🙂

  10. Fantastic interview! I was wondering when Tijo and Heidi would meet 🙂 Been following you both for over a year and resonate well with both of your philosophies. Thank you for sharing your valuable perspectives!

  11. Great interview Heidi! Love Tijo's analogies and insights! I haven't heard the brilliant "balloons in a room" one tho. Thanks for putting this together!

  12. Riots in Paris become riots in France. Nice bit of upscaling there.

  13. Is the dude he's talking about in Costa Rica the co founder of Eos?

  14. Wow! This is again such an absolutely important contribution to this whole kinda sick monetary driven cryptospace and beyond.
    And so funny, how circles sometimes close, like DMT and Bruce Lipton.
    I really enjoyed it. <3 <3 <3

  15. Great interview. Arcane Bear is very awake to this corrupted world.

  16. Prepping for the coming grand solar minimum is the most important issue in human history. It is going to change are world before blockchain.

  17. GREG L

    I watch Tijo with my 4 year my daughter and belong to his Telegram and this community is like no other I have never been helped more and had STRANGERS care if there advice worked out and I also watch your channels and you both did videos on HYPEREAVE THEORY Tijo did it with Tyler Jenks and you did it with his partner I wish you both would have brought it up and discussed it

  18. An inspiring interview, good to see you two interact together.
    Hopefully Crypto will liberate people to explore their true natures and to build a new paradigm of cooperation.

  19. hr 777

    I have heard this before concerning the shock of culture clash and for one example the forcing of christianity on the Maya and how they accepted and merged it with their own belief system. The Mayan ability to adapt is one reason they survived the arrival of the new world vs. old world meeting i.e. Cortez and the Spanish conquest of the Americas (very interesting video Heidi with lots of awesome ideas to take away and apply to our own strategy in the field of Crypto and our own lives in general.) Thanks also to Arcane Bear for giving us so much of his knowledge and wisdom to build a strategy for our futures.

  20. Crypto Tips these video is fantastic. Dont mesure your videos by views mesure your videos by quality content. Thank you for sharing your work 🙂

  21. I really enjoy this video and open my thoughts to a few new things. My rebuke to some of this is that is so super easy to have an attitude of money is not what makes you rich and people in poor countries are happier and live better lives. I would suggest before you go to deep down that hole you go and say it somewhere without food, shelter , electricity, etc. because most people in poor countries would give there right arm to have the tough choice of shopping at Whole Foods or Walmart. If you have money and those things money can buy, it is easier to pass your values to others. The indigenous people he speaks of most of them do not know of our culture and hence don't much thought or cares for it.

  22. Thank you for the interview 🙂 ……… Awesome !!!

  23. Great Show ,found his Channel a few days ago and really liked it Thanks for sharing I got way more Background from this very interesting Take care Safe Travels Life Keeps Calling

  24. Really enjoying this. Perfect analogy. They (We) don't know they (we) are sick.

  25. ypey1

    Cute couple, nice shirt Tijo!

    Ps.. these fiat rants lack honesty. Fiat is mostly backed by IOU’s, not backed by nothing! Now i need to work damn hard to collect more fiat for pay back, that is huge backing!

  26. I'm saving bitcoin since 5 years to propose marriage to you,,,,, once I have enough

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