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Published on November 11, 2018
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  1. I have listened to you for the longest and love your work.. As far as Cliff please understand i am his age and even though I want to do things for people I have to say no due to my health. Yes he did what I would have done take care of what I have committed . Give Clif that chance because due to both of you I have learned so much and I barely get by. thank you God Bless

  2. AB, Penang is great too. Great Cost of Living, Weather, Food [nasi kandar], Shopping etc… Enjoy.

  3. Fiat is worthless paper but people decide to give it value. So hard to say it will ever be "worth" nothing, there will likely always be a group of people that want to use it by force right

  4. jBird

    Yoga…yes union but most should be pertaining to the 7 schools of Yoga for the Brahmin class of india, learned from a guru/teacher or fellow yogi ! You would know the difference if you practiced one of them. love u

  5. Great observations. Appreciate what you said about no heavy home burden before 40 im just saving up for my 3rd high season to enjoy in the kingdom of Cambodia and probly hit thailand again before returning

  6. Ari R

    I agree, mortgage at a young age is a masive anchor. That's why I dont have one 🙂

  7. Jungle boy turns city boy lol Love you man, I hope the best for you!!!

  8. OMG, big changes! I prefer trees 😉

  9. aim of money is to allow communication of value, we haven't had that in over 40 years!

  10. Have a great adventure Tijo! you are right about real estate assets, this new generation needs tiny homes and see the world!!!! :))))

  11. You went from the organic jungle to the metal & concrete jungle. Hey, that screaming is going to scare your flat-mate and neighbors above, below and to the side of you. F*ck it, fierily passion can not be contained. SCREAM! Congrats brother Tijo, have a great time exploring new jungles…

  12. love the yelling at the trees comment. i also stop and remark at amazing trees! i don't yell, but i never thought about releasing energy in that way thanks!

  13. Beautiful place but must have been a culture shock. Very busy place and the sounds of cars have replaced the sounds of the jungle. Either way change is good and expands your experiences 🙂

  14. Not sure if I like the refined cleaner look on you..

  15. I have to visit malasia to some day i fell in love with asia to 3 years ago

  16. Not sure how paying someone else's mortgage over your own is a good thing?
    $20 a month?….must be nice.

  17. Congrats on new place, dude! Don’t think I’ve commented before, but have been frequently tuning in : ) stay crazy! I dig it!

  18. Hey man how did you move to Costa Rica? I am from Russia and I desperately need to move there are not a lot of places where I can go and get a residence card which I need to stay in a country I don't have $200,000 to gain residence by investment… did you get it that way or did you use some other option?

  19. be careful Tijo, a lot of women are gold digging Harpies and being involved with one of them is bad enough. But what you really need to watch out for is the Succubus. A Succubus is a female demon for the Netherworld sent to suck the life force out of man.

  20. Price may be important. I am interested in real estate but not if it keeps me from going anywhere.

  21. think you would like bangkok more if you need big city in SEA

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