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Published on November 8, 2018

The promises and hype around blockchain technology have thus far outpaced true business adoption – but that’s on the verge of changing. Take a moment to understand the problems preventing businesses from the mainstream adoption of the technology and have an overview of how Ardor developers have taken a revolutionary new approach to solving these issues. The company’s Ardor platform represents the first live “Full Blockchain as a Service” offering with the tools for businesses to launch customized, feature-rich blockchains that rely on a distributed network of nodes for security. The design is the first of its kind and presents numerous benefits for businesses looking to integrate their offerings with the blockchain. Join Jelurida for an overview and use case demonstration of their pioneering technology.

By Veronica Torras, marketing and business specialist, and Skylar Hurwitz, capacity building consultant, at Jelurida, the company developing Ardor and Nxt.

Special thanks to Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer, Head of the Center for applied game studies at Donau University Krems and Blockchain Consultant to the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) (our hosts), and the MITA organizers.…


0:00 Introduction

1:22 Redefining “Blockchain as a Service”

2:09 “Software as a Service” as a Reference

3:44 Cloud Blockchain as a Service vs. Full Blockchain as a Service

5:51 Cloud BaaS Offerings: Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle

6:45 Full BaaS Offerings: Ardor

10:06 Use Cases of Cloud BaaS and Full BaaS

14:00 Problems in the Industry

18:18 Contact Information and Q&A

21:58 Demo of the Ardor Parent Chain

27:01 DEX and Interoperability

28:22 Introduction to Child Chains

29:57 Demo of Launching Reward Points, Loyalty Points, and Game Tokens as a Monetary Supply backed by euro reserves on the AEUR Ardor Euro-pegged child chain on testnet – MITAcoin

37:28 Block Times

39:21 Setting up the Euro Reserve for the MITAcoin on Testnet

40:12 Questions on Pruning

42:00 Transaction Fees on the Ardor Platform

45:10 Setting up the Internal Exchange Listing for MITAcoin

47:05 Migrating a Monetary Supply or Asset to a new Child Chain

47:46 Viewing the MITAcoin Exchange Listing

48:20 Beginning of Q&A


What is Jelurida? Jelurida is a blockchain software company that enables enterprises to build decentralized applications utilizing the Nxt and Ardor technologies. Jelurida offers scalable proof-of-stake blockchain solutions, with a unique parent-child chain architecture, built on top of five years of software development and production blockchain experience.


If you are a business looking for a mature and solid blockchain technology, contact us at [email protected]


What is Ardor Blockchain-as-a-Service? Ardor is a scalable Blockchain-as-a-service platform designed for broad business adoption. The Parent-Child Chain architecture allows companies to build their products and services using Child Chains while relying on the infrastructure of nodes and security provided by the Ardor Parent-chain.


What is Ignis Child Chain? Ignis, the public Ardor Child Chain, allows businesses to issue a token on the Ardor Platform which provides you with a node infrastructure already in place and ready to use. Ignis is built upon on a five-year development history and a well-established Proof-of-stake model.

What is Nxt? Nxt is a blockchain technology available for public and private use, with a five-year development history, proven stability, a massive community, and a well-established proof-of-stake model.





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