Are Securities tokens the next big thing?

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Published on January 21, 2018

There are many that say that the current utility token will be replaced by the security token. Security tokens may release a new batch of capital into the Crypto market.

Interview with Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath.


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  1. The security tokens will be manipulated just like gold certificates, etc. They will lie and hide the real value, trade and resell just like the paper they claim to want to replace. Only faster.

  2. Do anyone know if this Tzero exchange is a future ICO or do they presently have a token? I've done a bit of research and haven't been able to come up with much about them. I also heard about Mandela (MDX) will be this type of exchange also similar to Tzero if they can get the SEC approval. But I know that a lot of these promises could be just pie in the sky!

  3. NEX the first Security is approved. NEX is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest crypto opportunity in 2018.

  4. This thing is going to go mental in 2018 as long as BTC doesn't deflate to new lows…I've been investing a long time and Wall Street will want to invest in this arena to avoid the security law problems.

  5. Ermmmm normal folk will not be able to participate these security tokens…it’s a big con!…you have to be a verified investor as in you have to a lot of money in the bank! This all to keep the normal folk out of where the BIG money is

  6. There roll is to tax your ass and extort all of your hard earned money that they can possibly get, so they can waste as much money as possible…

  7. Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?

  8. Something to be really excited about in the development of the growing crypto ecosystem. I look forward to seeing you cover even deeper details on security tokens, Ran.

  9. Geo B

    what is T0 ?

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