Are you too old to learn programming at 30? Practical tips. Programmer explains.

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Published on July 8, 2017
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Are you too old to learn programming at 30? A very interesting question I think many people think about.

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  1. I am 31 and i don't think I'm not that smart in technique, computer science. Can i still learn programming, and is being a female an disadvantageous in learning programming

  2. Ivan you're brilliant. Your really help define goals and set stepping stones. This is volunteering at its bestest. I'm glad I followed you from crypto to the programming space.

  3. The thing is that even experienced developers have to learn while life.

  4. Thank you !!! Love ur tip I never thought that being a receptionist would have that benefit.

  5. This video is everything i needed. I've began studying it now and i was facing this exact question. Thanks a lot.

  6. i'm 42 and learning you can be double that age and its not too old…no age is too old!

  7. 55 here I want to know how this works so Im not learning for a career I just want some understanding and possibly help sometime in the future

  8. I'm 40 and I'm just starting to get into the coding..
    I can see it is a part of the future… Thanks for the Great videos

  9. im 34 dang im screwed ? any age can learn as long as you can operate windows and have common sense lol

  10. I started programming around 32, now I'm 56 and have my own (small) software company. Programming is not hard to learn. Programming using best practices (Solid, patterns) is harder. You have to really love it, to become really good.
    A word of advice, when you have a little bit of programming under your belt, don't do small exercises anymore, but do an application as a whole. It takes time, but you'll learn way more. Also, find a coding buddy, that really helps.

  11. LMK87

    Hey Ivan, like your channel!!

    What would you think is the most beneficial language to start with as a base, which could make it easier to jump over on others? (example: knowing Latin can be useful in learning Italian, French, even English if you ask some, etc.)

    Purpose being just general understanding, mastering one that could make it easier for you to pick up basics of all the other ones easier.

    I'm new so I hope this doesn't sound too silly..


  12. It would be beneficial if your wife doesn't want you in bed at the same time as her!!! :b

  13. I just turned 50, Masters Degree in Information Systems, and had years of IT experience, and know coding, and other IT things. I want to get out of call center stuff to get to work again. I want to be able to get into analyst side. I feel like I may face age discrimination.

  14. Possibly too old at 30 ? Wow so I guess it's hopeless for a 40 yr old.

  15. Im 61 and started about two years ago of course not for a programming job but for my own use hobby type thing python ruby javacript j node rails LOLfunny stuff my first attempt was taking CS 50 the havard course (c ) OF COURSE THOUGHT I WAS DOING GOOD UNTIL THE third or fourth WEEK then the HARVARD KIDS LEFT ME IN THE DUST ! LOL I quit Went something with easier syntax WITHOUT ALL THAT BRACKETS CRAP RUBY AND PYTHON i BEEN AVOIDING JAVA CAUSE IT HAS ENOUGH C LEFT (BRACKETS ) PYTHON RUBY HAS BEEN MORE FUN IM A SAGITARIAN DONT LIKE STRICT RULES brackets felt like chain and balL ON MY LEG

  16. Falafel

    Im now 35 and just started with learning how to code

  17. Hi Ivan, I am 33 and hav family having a very good job in Sap as a administrator and Also having 7+ years of experience but I would like to learn block chain and wanted to have a career switch in block chain, would it be possible without having the knowledge of programming…

  18. I don't think you're ever too old, maybe too old to be a pro if that's the plan, but keeping your brain learning is very important the older you get. I use to build levels for Half-Life with UI steam, not really coding, but when you build a game and get to try it out is pretty gratifying and exciting. I've been deep in for just 1 year learning code and it's the same kind of excitement. I'm older than any age mentioned here. Mid 40s. Hopefully I never stop and loose memory and other bad things as we age and learning is a great way to stay young and current.

  19. I you have a question "Am I too old to …" don't even bother bro. I started at 34 and didnt give a f* how old I was. Now I am a lead dev with tons of opps and offers left and right.

  20. hahaha, I was 25 when I started to learn how to code and didn't have a personal computer. I never thought of my age learning when I started to work professionally at 30. as I am 43 now and I am learning to write code in Kotlin. Seriously age is not a limitation, and 30 is pretty young

  21. You can also build native mobile applications for both iOS and Android with JavaScript… using NativeScript or React Native… but it's never too late to start learning.

  22. There are many skills an older worker brings to the table, programming, once you learn one language the rest is just syntax that my dog could program. Its the life experience, problem solving , and interpersonal skills that an older employee has experienced that are truly valuable.

  23. 30, i was learning javascript all 2017, until i decided to learn cryptocurrencies on 2018….ill come back soon to programming! also im already subs to Chris hawk since the beginning

  24. How old do you have to be to unlearn programming? 🙂

  25. I was 30 when I decided to get my degree in computer science and start programming. I can tell you it's worth it. Im now working in the computer vision field.

  26. You couldn't possibly know this because you are too young, but my brain still works just fine at 56. LOL.

    And yes… I can learn languages too… but I am a programmer for 30 years. I still have to learn new languages… and it only happens if I am INTERESTED…. you have to dig in and like what you are doing. Otherwise, it is a bad way to spend your time.

  27. I've been trying to learn Python most recently. I currently work in IT as sort of a general tech person. I have my hands in a little bit of general support, systems administration, and networking. A little over a year ago I started learning about the different things you could do with PowerShell and I also saw that nobody in our IT department was learning this or utilizing it. So, taking insiration from Don Jones (Microsoft PowerShell MVP), I set out to learn how to use it. At the time, I didn't realize how robust and feature-full it was as a scripting language. I didn't even realize that technically it was a "language." I bought a book and spent about an hour a night and a couple hours a day on weekends reading through and trying to apply what I learned. I set challenges for myself to get comfortable with using it. I told myself once I learned how to do something in PowerShell I would no longer do it from the GUI. Whenever new problems would arise, I would challenge myself to figure how to fix it with PowerShell. Flash forward a year and I'm now writing complex PowerShell modules complete with functions, comment based help, parameter sets, and really make use of the object oriented part of PS. I've discovered how much I enjoy creating these tools. Seeing how far I made it in a year has really opened my mind up to wanting to push further into the programming world. A couple of months ago I decided that the majority of IoT devices are using some form of Linux so I jumped into learning BASH. Now, I am really trying to dive into Python.
    I really think that if you are consistent, you can achieve what you want. Don't binge out and burn yourself out. Don't do so little that you forget about your path. Push yourself to do just little amounts a day. Use the resources around you whether it's peers or the internet or a book. Just keep moving forward. I'd like to see myself comfortable with Python by the end of 2018 and then I will probably pick up Java. Who knows, maybe after that I'll try my hand at a low level language like C#.

  28. Hi Ivan, it would be great if there is a video from you regarding non-programming options(administrator stuff kind of) also that are available out there and what are best to learn among them.

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