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Published on October 30, 2018

Ari Paul Talks Blockchain, Investing, And Regulation

2018-08-17 19:55:24

Today we are joined by Ari Paul, if you are intested in following him and learning more you can do so at the following locations


Introduction ( 0:00 – 1:23)
December-January Run Up (1:24 – 6:48)
Going against expert opinions ( 6:49 – 10:15)
Money being a religion (10:16 – 13:26)
Altcoins/ Bitcoin Dominance (13:27 – 18:54)
Overtaking Bitcoin ( 18:55 – 23:57)
Bitmain (23:58 – 28:08)
Cryptocurrency Regulation (28:09 – 37:50)
Thoughts on ICO’s (37:51 – 43:06)
Opportunity in ICO’s ( 43:07 – 45:55)
Exciting Projects (45:56 – 50:49)
Video games on the blockchain ( 50:50 – 57:50)
VR/AI (57:51 – 1:04:45)
Drugs (1:04:46 – 1:10:04)
Poker (1:10:05 – 1:18:24)
Market Cap (1:18:25 – 1:23:38)
Experts (1:23:39 – 1:27:28)
Hacks/Kidnaps and Untraceable nature of crypto (1:27:29 – 1:34:40)
Conclusion (1:34:40 – 1:36:21)

Also, if you are learning about Cryptocurrency I’d strongly recommend checking out the Cryptocurrency Tool Kit over on (I am an owner of CoinCentral)


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  1. KryptoNauten

    one of de best videos thx 4 your content

  2. teky boy

    Nice debate and lots of angles discussed. Keep it up coming

  3. MacDaffyCH

    Enjoyed the first 12 minutes about experts, FUD, bias and religious behaviour (wouldn‘t it be rather called tribal behaviour?).

  4. Stephane Laframboise

    This dude must be living in a real bubble if he thinks that 10% of the world had access to email 1994. Who used email in 1994?

  5. fishfacexmb

    Great interview, thank you Doug and Ari, just one point regarding 1:32:00, Insured exchange, institutional account having white listed withdrawal address requiring multi sig transaction to change, all doable today.

  6. xkrazykarl

    I love ur show, all of them, just please lord swallow your saliva when you talk! Omg it’s tilting.

  7. 12345

    Thank you for the quality content Doug!

  8. Janni Olivo

    get andreas antonopoulos

  9. Ryan Schwebel

    1:15:05 A big separation between me and Ari stems from the fact that his parents actually asked him why he wasn't spending more time playing poker if his hourly rate was so high. I showed my mother how much money I was making and she still didn't believe it and wanted me to quit.

  10. Jeff Foster

    Ari pumps more BS than anyone in crypto….don't even now where to start with his BS. More fud in first 30 minutes than I've seen on MSM past 2 months. Speaking of "crazy Hodlr s" at least those of us holding for years have a chance To millions. Good luck with your day trading.

  11. Jeff Foster

    Oh, and by the way, how so we take him seriously with his "Pink Coin" involvement?

  12. Amadeo Brands

    Hehe LoL … Your missing that the actors in Bitcoin Cash are moving forward Bitcoin Core is clearly stagnating and it is hurting the space overall …

    Bitcoin Cash == Bitcoin
    Bitcoin != Bitcoin Core

  13. Amadeo Brands

    Are you for real … Ripple and stellar … Ari Paul shilling his bags 😛 @48:00

  14. Charlie Mclaren

    People who hang on to their investments no matter what are the same people that will call any bet in poker. If you're good at poker you are always able to accept that you might be beaten and you also know when you should make a cash grab.

  15. Josh Olszewicz

    love the iota truthbombs

  16. Josh Olszewicz

    "funding secured"

  17. Welcome To Crypto

    I don’t understand who’s giving this a thumbs down. Great interview. Great talk.

  18. Matej Arva

    A good podcast. The idea that Bitmain could easily destroy bitcoin was new to me. Scared the shit out of me…

  19. Salvatore Gaglio

    Mobile wallet…so Ethos? Yup.

  20. robb1324

    Thank you Doug for having a non-bitcoin-maximalist!!! I don't mind hearing a bitcoin maximalist from time to time, but please keep a balance! <3 Also this guy is awesome and this was a great interview.

  21. MrSky505

    Doug you would be skipping some great content if you did not address that goblin Richard hearts last few videos. you gave him credit when he was making good videos, his last ones are traumatic! keep up the good work.

  22. Ryan Shaeffer

    Hal fenney was satoshi, he died end of story

  23. Jerma

    everything outside of bitcoin is a scam. that's a polarizing statement, try to objectively make a case otherwise. For the record not saying some really smart people can't make even more than HODLing BTC by trading shitcoins but long term and I'm talking <10 years none of them will exist

  24. Jerma

    There are experts they're called austrian economists, which is the only reason crypto exists. And even BTC could be killed instantly if governments were honest with a gold standard.

  25. Ксения Антонова

    How crypto might inevitably accomplish its future possibilities in global payment processing. Continue reading:

  26. R.S. La'Point

    meth is better than COKE? Ok I see you 2 have zero clue about anything….

  27. tdottim

    Ari is the real deal. One of the best crypto talks I've watched. Although I did have to hide the chat replay from all the dumb ass comments, haha.

  28. ycnexu

    Oh man, such a great interview. Ari, always shares new insights about the space. Bonus: 55:00 mins they talk about Myst, one of my favorite games ever.

  29. Matt Harwood-Jones

    57:25 Doug, this is because back then games weren't as popular as they are today. I remember playing Myst on a floppy disc. I don't think many people back then played games.

  30. T

    Great job getting Ari Paul on your show. In my opinion, Ari Paul is one of the best and brightest in the crypto space.

  31. jacob Carter


  32. Lisa Cryptohuntress Cryptoage

    great video, Ari is running at hyper speed, well handled Doug

  33. BEAST

    Such good insight here.

  34. suprim switch

    call nano founder, Colin for podcast please

  35. Sangye Ngawang

    But … bitcoin is … software. So if new stuff comes it is used and incorporated. What about MAST, Schnorr … and many other things – they are new cool and powerful, do they get integrated into other coins … nope. Not unless they use modified Bitcoin like Litecoin. So invent away and if it is better then everyone will eventually say, yeah – lets use that too.

  36. Андрей

    talk since 50:50 is wow!

  37. Robin Busch

    Ab 50:50 rob du trottel

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