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Published on November 20, 2018
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I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advise. I’m just a humble man with a great passion for all things block-chain, even tangle.


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  1. nav coin is the good coin,i love nav coin !!

  2. Absolutely loving the the videos mate! A couple of questions.

    1) If Uber do implement a cryptocurrency payment option, do you think because of the faster transaction speeds that Litecoin could be the preferred option over Bitcoin? And do you see Litecoin partnering with other prominent companies in the near future, therefore boosting its price up there alongside others such as Dash & Ethereum?!
    2) Thanks for the trade call on NLC2! Do you see its price going much higher than $1, or do you think that it'll more likely stabilise at this point?

  3. THANK YOU for getting me into NAV my internet videos friend. Up 105% today again lol

  4. Budde

    u allways in my suggetion videos on right side but i never watched but today i watched ur video ! i subed : )

  5. great skits and commentary CD..thanks for the videos

  6. Could you please review NAV in detail? Would love to get your take on it. Please and thanks 🙂

  7. Im starting to believe governments are thinking about adopting crypto… my theory, America is Trillions in debt in dollars… eventually it will fall over. Their dollars will be worthless due to inflation, so they step to the side and implement crpyto, make trillions and pay off their debt hahahaha genius. They governments will be rich again, the people who didn't invest will be like… what just happened??? Then say, oh well, carry on working their 3 jobs and struggling to find rent for next months crpyto rent day.

  8. hahaha wow, I thought it was just me who only sleeps in 3 hours sessions.

  9. HAHA bang on. My missus is making it more obvious i spend all evening looking at the exchange, and I find it hard to sleep. Can you do a video about the upcoming segwit2x proposal and the probable shit storm that is likely to happen before nov 1st.

  10. sjbuck

    Very rare I laugh out loud, but I did at the end. Top marks!

  11. Thank you for the great insights and a right amount of humor in it. You'r videos are great!

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