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Published on November 10, 2018

Asama Mining ?￰゚ヌᄈ Erc 20 Contracts ?

Getting started with Smart Contracts:
Step 1: Install MetaMask plugin to your Chrome/Firefox web browser:
Step 2: Send Ethereum to your MetaMask address (click 3 dots in MetaMask then select “view account on etherscan.”
Step 3: Buy PoWH Tokens from Dashboard:Select the decentralized exchange tab on the website. Enter the amount of Ethereum you have in your MetaMask account. Bump up the gas to 3/4 to make transaction go through faster and hit submit button.
Step 4: Confirm your PoWH holdings and dividends by selecting holdings under the exchange tab.
Step 5: Hodl and withdraw your earnings/dividends to your MetaMask wallet as needed.

PoWH3D Price Charts:
Main P3D Exchange:
Blockchain Statistics:
PoWH Smart Contract:

Doublr Smart Contract:

Connect with Clover:

Decentralized Exchanges Organized by current size in trading:

Open Ledger:
Stellar Dex:
Radar Relay: (73k)

ICO Projects I endorse:



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    Pleased to share the opportunity asama santo mining. 0904094786

  2. William Munson

    Do you know that as of last Fri. 5/4/2018 they acquired controlling interest in a publicly traded stock which now makes Asama a public company? (OTCMarkets:SANP)

    Press Release:

    Do you have any tour video for Asama's mining gear that is in production during your visit?

    I'm sure current shareholders would all view whatever you have — especially if you uploaded a vid focusing on Asama's mining gear and possibly their total hash rate.

    Their stock is up over 100% since yesterday and still climbing.

    Let me know.

  3. Shawn Rask

    HellO Clover

    you selectd 1000 package, with a 0.50 – 1 percent interest??
    is it Daily basis??

  4. Crypto Clover

    Asama ~

    0:00 Time Zone Chit Chat
    0:26 Asama Mining Intro
    1:21 Asama Website Intro
    2:18 CoinExchange Shit Coins
    2:47 5 Decentralized Exchanges
    3:25 MetaMask
    3:58 $1000 Asama Package
    5:10 5 Vietnamese Mining Companies
    5:33 Crypto Scheme Jumping
    6:05 Asama Office
    6:21 MetaMask integration into Crypto Mining
    7:04 Anonymous Decentralized Exchange BCCX
    7:37 P3D Mantso YouTube Video
    8:59 Kenny's YouTube Channel
    10:35 Asian Crypto Mix
    11:01 Current limitations with website
    12:35 Working with Translator on $1000 package
    14:19 Eth App to transfer Ethereum
    15:15 Don't Deposit right now, just do package
    15:40 Tour of Mining Farm Plans
    17:38 Asama vs Genesis Mining
    18:28 Package Processed
    19:10 Transfering Funds in Asama
    20:36 Dont transfer cents, only even numbers
    22:01 Livestream With Exchanges Next


    man i am over here in Thailand if you need any BACK UP LET ME KNOW!

  6. Cryptopacecarmike

    what do the vietnamesse think of p3d?

  7. Cryptopacecarmike

    great video as always! missed the live stream, doing my uber/lyft runs! stay safe! later clover! p.s. bought some bitcoin cash, dropil, and ethos today, thoughts?

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