Asia’s Bakkt? AAX Interview. London Stock Exchange Partnership

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Published on December 3, 2019

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  2. Common, I like bitcoin but these guys couldn't read a chart if someone hit them in the face with it.

  3. I've registered and get approved. The 60USD Free Trading bonus isn't quite as easy to get, it has a lot of string attached and in my personal opinion and personal opinion doesn't worth it after giving all you private sensitive data and not all would have the chance depositing 1,500USD. I suggest be more transparent in future endeavor, isn't IVAN tech shows always give us a head start what to expect… I feel helpless when they got my IDs contact and i cant even have their promos without shelling 1500USD + more rules. But The Celcius Token Network is very good. now i realized why Mr. Mashinsky didn't let Ivan had the referral code.

  4. “Regulation” another word for we make the rules &break them. You can’t

  5. Wtf! No black shirt.. Must be laundry day!!

  6. AAX…well when you don't openly show your trading and withdrawal fees it is because they are not competitive imo. So i think that retail users should stay away from them for now at least.

  7. How much you want to bet that, if world bankers start dying, BTC prices start goi g up?

  8. BTC would be at 13.5k right now if not for Wall Street, derivatives and futures contracts. The elite even said that they needed to "tame" the crypto market, as if they were in charge of everything. These people are playing with human lives and need to be killed.

  9. London City is the cause of this fucked up world. I want that city bombed to Hell and I would never join anything from there.

  10. ?????? Quant Network – AX trading. Wall street. Y'all need to wake up

  11. I have trouble with institutional involvement as history has proven them as predatory in nature. Having the influence over how regulations are structured makes them a untrustworthy partner in this space. Just my opinion based on experience.

  12. You seems to have met a lot of girls while outside your studio (❁´◡`❁), the blush still in effect (^///^)

  13. SherryH

    And low fees? At my broker, it’s $9 a trade

  14. SherryH

    Thank you Ivan! Available In America? Retail options trading?

  15. All there is is sponsored content. Dont sell out ivan.

  16. Rav

    Welcome back, Ivan. Hope you had an amazing trip

  17. Just like DX exchange who are in trouble now

  18. there are a lot of cprypto projects in singapore, but they are more or less invisible globally

  19. All I heard was Long Dong? Am I missing something ?

  20. J O

    Second? Hi Ivan! Hope you are doing great! 🙂

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