Asset Tokenization Platform for Initial Token Offering (ITO)

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Published on June 14, 2019
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A robust, solid and intelligent Asset Tokenization Platform for launching your Initial Token Offering (ITO) and Token Generation Event (TGE) and Tokenized Asset Offering. This incredible Asset Tokenization Platform uses Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. ) to gather all information about your Asset tokens and process them to launch your Tokenized Asset Offering. Asset Digitization is the latest trend and you can create Asset Based Tokens ( ABT ) for any of your illiquid assets. This Token platform makes it very easy for real estate tokenization, Art tokenization, Security token development, Stable coin development, Cryptonote token creation etc. This powerful Asset token platform helps you create any altcoin in just a few clicks. All experts believe that the Blockchain technology will truly revolutionise the Real Estate vertical by making tokenized real estate mainstream.


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