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Published on September 11, 2017

Not FA advice
I am very enthusiastic about this ICO and I see TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL!!!!


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  1. I had a look at the ATLANT website and glanced at the white paper. I could not find any direct mention of how the ATLANT token is used in in relation to tokenized ownership of property or P2P rentals. Also is there any value in holding the tokens??

  2. Hi, Substratum (SUB) looks like an interesting project.

  3. I'm here on 03-20-18 because billionaire Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank fame will announce in 3 weeks the first-ever prominent NY hotel offering shares of ownership on a coin ICO. Its a game changing idea and a $400 million project. and I am investigating whether Atlant is the foundaiton for this bc some blogsites are mentioning Atlant as a possibility. If anyone knows more, let us know on r/ethtrader. We are anxious to know if an Ethereum platform is involved. It's believed to be due to liquidity and structure.

  4. There are two other tokens based in the crypto Real Estate market that you might like to look at.

    Bitland is based out of Ghana and is trying to solidify records of land ownership on a blockchain so that people can more easily buy, sell and utilize land in that country. Expandable to other countries as well.

    And another ICO out of South Africa that is trying to get attention is PropX or ProsperiProp, which is trying to do much the same as Atlant. I hadn't seen Atlant until today and I don't have extra I can put into it, but I'd love to see it succeed as well.

  5. EOS AND ARK AND ATLANT along others sponsered fintech not just atlant. Major programer from EOS is involved in ATLANT.

  6. hah I got in on precrowd sale =) Def gonna kick ass

  7. hello crypto chat , what is your thoughts on Propy real estate ico? looks like a good team to..

    keep up the good reviews dude

  8. How to buy a Atlant token. Plz explain.

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