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Published on September 13, 2019

In this Crypto Potluck we will be diving into the white paper, team and project of the new Atlant ICO.

Steemit Article with more info:

Time Stamps
Intro- 0:31
Team- 1:29
Exchanges Atlant is offered on- 2:19
Listing/exchange Demo- 3:13
Pro’s/cons of Atlant- 5:10
Risks with Project- 6:58


  1. Juan

    You deserve more views

  2. Bar Mor

    Love your videos and I agree with you 100%. Do you plan to publish more videos soon ? its been more then a month now.. thanks a lot !

  3. JordanJ

    What time zone are you in ? I just got your message in telegram saying 6:30. I’m in est time it’s already passed 630

  4. Agree with your assessment 100% I looked into it a few days ago and wasn't thrilled with it plus I couldn't get into the ICO anyway because of being in the USA. Keep up the good work.

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