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Published on November 6, 2018

(EOS Wallet is not required to use beta)
(Learn more about immutable blockchain and distributed social media )

Dev Updates :
Fully refactored and updated code – completed – Novusphere is now easier to implement for 3rd parties.
Added – Decensorship Logic – opt out of moderation option
Added – Anon users can now post to any sub (No Need for an EOS account). Create an anon identity simply by clicking new then save in your settings
Removed – Post Size Limit (Up to 10k restriction due to EOS limits)

Sidechains and EOS
Our sidechains main purpose is to add fungibility and anonymity to ALL ASSETS on EOS not allowing people to view the history of a coin just in case it is tainted


Tainted Coins – Coins that have participated in any illicit activity

Validators: Run softwater to monitor fraudulent transactions. Novusphere validators can also choose what assets can move to the sidechain.

Rootstock – uses a federated system, a centralized board. On Atmos users (Validators) make decisions, not a board.


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