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Published on November 17, 2017

Sign up free at by email and you will be sent a URL to begin testing our Atomic Swap wallet. Please also see step by step instructions below.

We’re excited to announce the release of the world’s first Atomic Swap Wallet and help bring atomic swaps to the masses. This technology has the potential to disrupt every centralized exchange as we know it and we’re eager to share our first release with the world.

Please note, this wallet is to be used for testnet coins only. We will have the mainnet version out shortly after testing is concluded.

How does the Atomic Swap wallet work?

The first party:
1. Deposit testnet coins by clicking “Wallet” at the top
(Make sure to add both ETH and BTC)
2. Choose what to exchange (e.g. BTC for ETH)
3. Enter amount of currency for exchanging (eg. 0.12 BTC)
4. System “tells” you how much ETCs you’ll get (2 ETH)
5. Click “Submit”
6. You share that link to second party

The second party:
1. Receives link from you (sent via chat, email, etc.)
2. System “tells” him that he will give 2 ETH and receive 0.12 BTC
3. He agrees by clicking on “I agree” button
4. System checks “Wallet” to see if funds are available for exchange
5. Atomic Swap is initiated and completed

While there is still a lot of work to be done, we wanted you to experience the power of Atomic Swaps as soon as possible. stands out when compared to other cryptocurrency projects. We’re less concerned with writing a white paper or conducting an ICO as we are with delivering on our promise to build a truly decentralized exchange.

For any questions, feedback, suggestions, or bugs found, please to reach out to [email protected] to connect with us.

Thanks for everyone’s support!


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  1. Strategic Endeavors FX

    What is needed for atomic swap. Why not more coins on there? Good coins like gCn with great developer on it.

  2. Christopher Martin

    Also is there a NFC capable cell app?

  3. Christopher Martin

    Is there plans to integrate with LitePay?

  4. sidhoe3

    Why none of the exchange like you has not created a exchange that you can buy altcoins directly with your cash or money with all the drama with the new tax plan yes I you buy bitcoin but when you use bitcoin to buy a altcoin you get tax we need to be able to buy direct on the exchange cash thank you

  5. Andrei Mungiu

    Please add VERGE to coin pool for swap

  6. Johan Grobbelaar

    Digibyte there!!!

  7. Juan Carlos Paulino Fonseca Gómez

    Hello, when are going to release it?

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