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Published on July 25, 2017

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The Avalon Membership platform is the first affinity group targeted towards the worlds largest untapped, consumer marker; cryptocurrency users.

Our crowdsale is scheduled for August 25th. Be sure to signup to our newsletter for a chance to win 500 AVA.


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  1. I love Experty because it is an innovative tool for improving the area of expert advice based on a decentralized network blockchain.

  2. Looking forward to the next installment in this video series

  3. First half of the video “I’ve been there before”
    Nice touch on the SMS message!

  4. Because the video is good also to be good the criptocurrency
    Nothing can go wrong Holliwood logic!

  5. I don’t know about “hollywood” but…. (remembers The Rock in The Mummy 2) – Carry on

  6. Reserved for indonesian bounty

  7. First minute and last 10 seconds are wicked. But what is this for?

  8. Hi Avalon, please check your PMs. I’d love to get in touch with the creator(s) of this video. Good luck in your project

  9. Woah! I have no idea what I just watched, but I know I want it, lol.

  10. When a crpytocurrency startup has better CGI than Marvel. Both impressive and equally sad.

  11. This project is really promising. Even if you exclude the speculative price surge after the stock market exit, and consider it for a long year or two. So investments in the dollar equivalent will at least double-triple. IMHO, of course. Please check out my channel as well 😀

  12. The project is really promising and worthwhile. Judging by the binding to the price tag, even in case of correction in the market of crypto-currencies, the price is likely to be quite stable – this indicates relatively low risks of investment. This project has no analogues, that is, there is no competition, which makes it a kind of monopolist, which will have significant advantages at the current stage.
    Proceeding from the declared price of the token, the developers are going to collect a small sum (by today's standards) 9 million of dollars-ish, which means that with a high degree of probability, the project will be significantly overvalued at the start of trading on the exchange – locking in at ICO price seems like a value play.

  13. Easily the most underrated ICO of August, possibly 2017. I think the Bitcoin price rise is monopolizing the news right now and some really valuable projects being overlooked. Good news is, there's more buying power in the market right now, assuming Avalon accepts Bitcoin?
    Cool vid.

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