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Published on November 23, 2017
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Use this to check if ETH address is a scam: etherscamdb.info/scams/

Chrome extension that makes looking up ethereum addresses very simple: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/etheraddresslookup/pdknmigbbbhmllnmgdfalmedcmcefdfn

Tips from MEW for avoiding scams and phishing attempts: myetherwallet.github.io/knowledge-base/security/myetherwallet-protips-how-not-to-get-scammed-during-ico.html

Steemit blog that gives great specific details on ICO scams and lists past scams: steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@rahulbhuyan9/busting-fake-icos-the-high-rated-drama-on-blockchain

It seems like the reputation and popularity of MyEtherWallet is constantly the tool that scammers use to try and trick unsuspecting crypto users into sending them some Ether. There are a couple reasons for this. First of all, the legit MyEtherWallet is indeed open source. It’s great that this service is open source, but because this code is able to be viewed by anyone who is interested in doing so, it’s also open to be copied by anyone interested in doing so. As we’ve seen for quite some time now, many of those interested in this code are those wanting to use it for fraudulent activity.

Many of the ICOs these days are run on Ethereum and are ERC20 tokens. Because MyEtherWallet is a wallet provider and is an access point for these ERC20 tokens, it’s the perfect tool for scammers to utilize.
There are a couple ways you can find yourself on a fake MyEtherWallet website. If you are a member of a slack channel for an ERC20 token you might receive a private message that urges you to immediately click the link provided and give them your details, usually they say there has been an emergency hard fork or some situation that required immediate action. Please know that these are fake and if you click the link and follow their directions, you will lose money.If you use Google search many times the first options are indeed imposter sites that pay to be the top listings.
Avoid this by typing in the URL yourself, and using a bookmark.

If you’re interested in investing in an ICO but you’re not completely sure if the address you’re about to send your Ether investment to is legit, then you need to check out this awesome app.

Here is a website that lists scammy websites and I think everyone should know about, and bookmark it. The URL is etherscamdb.info and I’ll include a link to this one down in the description. It shows you the category, subcategory, status, and URL of these fraudulent sites so that you can know if you are about to visit or have visited a scam site. Thanks to the people behind MyEtherWallet, there is a way to track Ethereum addresses with the EtherAddressLookup. This is particularly helpful if you want to know if you are about to interact with a blacklisted address.
You can very easily interact with the EAL by downloading the Google Chrome app. I’ll include a link to this down in the description of this video.
So let’s take this one for a spin. Here is a list of some current ICOs, let’s check the activity for some of these addresses. Novacool is already being flagged as a scam, so let’s see what the app does for this address. As I hover over this address it shows me how much ETH is in this address and the number of transactions and the type of address that it is.

The app also provides links for MyEtherWallet, although I would still recommend that you manually type that URL in, you can also find links to etherscan.io to track transactions and view your wallet.
You can see Ethereum Network Stats for information on how the network is running and the mining activity happening.
There is a link for ethplorer.io- thank you Ethereum for *that* great name to pronounce, making me sound like Mike Tyson… this is where you can see the activity of the top Ethereum tokens, and see how the coins are distributed among its holders.
And you can also use the last two links to check out the Ethereum and EthTrader reddit pages.


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  1. Hey Heidi,

    Thanks for the video, you had some nuanced insights and great recommendations. I work with Benthos Labs on a free cryptoasset management tool called Shrimpy which I believe would be really interesting and useful for your target demographic.

    Our main benefits include automatic rebalancing based on user-defined allocations and simplified portfolio diversification. We’ve also done research on hundreds of thousands of portfolios to see how different portfolios perform relative to each other. Summary: rebalancing diversified portfolios over the past year could have increased returns over 230%. We think that’s a huge bonus in addition to not having to worry as much about your allocations!

    I’d love for you to try out Shrimpy and if you like it, let the world know! We’ve had fast user growth and a lot of interest so I believe it would drive extra excitement for your video/viewers. We have a Beta that is available for you to use if you’re interested so you could try out any new features before they’re released.

    If you have any questions for us please don’t hesitate to reach out. If it’s not the right time for this type of review, but you’d be interested in some other type of project (portfolio research, interview, etc.) we’re open to ideas!


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