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Published on December 31, 2018
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In this video I want to share with you the podcast I guested a few weeks back. In this episode my good friend Nils and I discuss the importance of crypto and blockchain but also a lot of other topics such as AR, VR, Social Media, Internet. Hope you enjoy!

Unfortunately, Resistance excluded the US from the contest 🙁 it sucks, sorry guys ❤️

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  1. Loved the idea that we are still in the infancy of realising the real value of Blockchain.

  2. Hey Ivan, what's up? I have learned that, you don't need to be an expert to start a youtube channel. I have also learned that, you can sell new technology very well, because people do very little research on it, and they just want to get rich fast and throw money at it. Also blockchain can be used not just for money but social media and gaming which is quite amazing.

  3. About the fact that no one cares about who created Bitcoin, here are some toughts. I agree its not important who the inventor of math is because we all use it and no one has any advange. It matters who Bitcoin inventor is because he probably has a huge % of the supply. Like Nathan Rothschild said: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws". Once your a huge whale, you can control the price and with media create boom and bust cycles to buy low and sell high to become super dominant. We all know fiat is going down. A handfull of people own 90% of bitcoins. Crypto will probably be one the biggest wealth transfer ever. For any network, to prevent centralisation of money its really important that the tokens be distributed evenly to as many token holder possible and for a long period (like EOS) to prevent big whales to own a large ownership of the network for pennies. Good distributions are healthy and bring more network effect. Escpecially for any DPOS chain or POS where the more tokens you have the more voting power or control you have on the network. Chains like Tron where I tried to buy at ICO dates and all TRON were gone after one second… thats not healthy imo.

  4. The future of crypto is definitely bright, when I first learned about crypto I was totally amazed about the power it has, especially bitcoin, nobody controls is, no inflation, privacy etc, and with all these other altcoins we have today we have so much opportunities like for example with the Ethereum network, so much coins started like ERC20 and are now having it's own main net blockchains, everyone has a chance to make his own coin which will make the world a better place.

  5. I've learned that real Satoshi could be AI, and that blockchain can reinvent religion too :D. Wow didn't know that You're so young Ivan, kudos for YOU. There was interesting idea, how to stop abusing children in production proces. Comparison that blockchain is like child nowadays(we're using it like child's), and it just need time to grow up, and show it's real potential is just brilliant. Ivan You're giving a lot of knowledge in simple words, love to listen and learning from You.

  6. Hello Ivan it was a great interview like always where you explored how we can decentralize an organization financials powers very interesting point. Congratulations for you both

  7. What is that on the background? Monitors?

  8. With passion you don’t need to be a guru just give what you have and learn the rest as time go by. What i learned. Ivan and Andreas antonopolous you inspire many. I love your +ve passion in this space!

  9. What a fabulous discussion. As a Granny I also learnt lots. I was so surprised to hear that you are only 22 Ivan. You are very articulate and speak with the wisdom of someone much older. Your presentations are also slick and a pleasure to watch. Well done.

  10. AR, motivation tips … This has to be watched twice because it's so much useful content. Thanks!

  11. You da man, Ivan. Rock on.

  12. I learned that all I need to do is watch the entire video, write what I have learned, sign up on the contest website, and not live in USA.

  13. I learned that we should approach and invest in new technologies and things slowly and with with caution and not with greed. And if we pick really great projects and not just hype, we will win big in the long run! Also, consistency trumps everything!

  14. Thanks Ivan. As you well know I am a supporter of yours. No my reputation is not polished as I speak my mind regardless of consequences. I am a believer that under certain circumstances decentralization can exist however I have seen too many actions that counter it will succeed. The very acceptance of exclusion of any person, parties from the system makes the entire premise null and void. The contest for instance is not open to U.S Citizens as with many ICO. The Chinese governments regulations and laws are being affirmed by the masses as legitimate. Same with here in the U.S. The institutions are trying to take control.
    Unless the majority of the worlds population agree that their is no central authority to tax, regulate, mandate, outlaw or have any other restraints or controls on Bitcoin or other supposed decentralized projects certainly an intelligent person as yourself can determine it will play a very limited small role overall. There can however be a representative body from the global community formed to interact with central authorities to make concessions regarding crypto and blockchain. Taxes is one. If the people were to agree to surrender a predetermined portion to fund specific needs such as social programs, infrastructure and other non destructive projects then yes it could be collected and placed on a blockchain for all to see the funds are being used efficiently and fairly in achieving these goals. Another aspect is institutional investors gaming the system through leveraged positions. There can NOT exist any ETFs or any other means in which the price of these coins can be manipulated. Let the use drive the price, the adoption. No person, entity or organization should have the means in which to accumulate enough to control price. Use or lose philosophy. Hoarding is detrimental to success. Greed will destroy the Bitcoin. Let all partake. I am not against capitalism at all but there was a time when a persons and businesses were taxed at a higher rate the more they made. This prevented the accumulation of wealth such as it is today and forced the creation of jobs, higher pay for workers and indeed limited the size of companies. There is no reason a Jeff B from Amazon will ever need the amount of monies he has tied up doing nothing! Use it or lose it! There are too many small companies being absorbed or eliminated by monster corporations who must provide more and more profits for investors. This usually harms the working class. It is time to hamstring or restrict and reverse this cycle. Return to the mom and pop shops, the smaller department stores. Create liquidity not only money but peoples personal dignity, self worth, allow one parent to stay home and raise the family, have the family vacation, be able to save and pay for college. Pride in what they do and how they provide for their loved ones Ivan.
    I do not always agree with you however I believe you see the future and will be instrumental in bringing about change for the better. Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year. Your follower.
    Bernard Macarius

  15. What percentage of Ivan's audience is from the US? Any Guesses?

  16. Great podcast!. I learned:
    1. Ivan background
    2. Consistency and intrinsic motivation (you like what you do and want to do it to grow) are key to build new habits.
    3. New technologies bring hype cycles drive by FOMO and greet, this happen with trains and the internet. So educated yourself about what you are going to put money in.
    4. Blockchain is an immutable database that everyone can access, in which the trust is in the network itself so yo can remove the middle man in a transaction, bringing decentralization and economic inclusion.
    5. Blockchain can be used not just for money but social media, gaming, supply chain, VR and DAPPS.
    6. The first block was created in the 2008 financial crisis when the centralized monetary system fail.
    7. The evolution of social media, one analogy can be how people grow up.

  17. A very good video / discussion. I would like to hear more about supply chains and quality management. Very right, it is better to support proper action than avoid / punish wrongdoing. I agree, social media like Facebook must be under the control of users.

  18. The religion part makes so much since xD

  19. Thanks for all your content Ivan. Please keep up your good work and look forward to a great 2019.

  20. Ivan! Thank you for being you. Honest and genuine. I have learnt a lot from you and your programming course and daily videos. You’re inspiring. Top man and very grounded wish you the very best and your team.

  21. I have smashed the likes.

  22. Thank you guy for excellent contento and visión. .Happy New Year

  23. Really interesting comparison of human development (child -> adult) to technology. Never thought about it in that way before. Thanks for sharing, Ivan. Your insights have helped me a lot this year, can't wait for what's next! I'll have to add "A Dying Podcast" to my list. 🙂

  24. lol, if serbs are convincing you something can't be cheated, it means they are cheating it. serbs are weasels. if there were no system in place to keep all slavs subjugated, and world progression was merit based entirely, serbs would be world leaders with cheap circumventions of everything. they are very clever and inspired cheats of system, but there's that global sabotage where if serb does something extraordinary, it's kept hash hash.

    prime example: when normal nation gets us sanctions, they start to starve and die out. they can't access medication, and it's devastating in every way. when serbia was under us sanctions, serbs were gaining weight. if a child was sick, they would gather money from donations, and send the kid to russia for treatment. the only question is, since there are sanctions, and no one has money, how did they get donations?

    secondary example: when there's hyper inflation in normal country, people can't make ends meet. when serbia had hyper inflation there was a running gag how everyone on average used to earn 200 german marks, and everyone on average used to spend 500 marks, per month. where did they get extra 300 marks? wouldn't you like to know. it's serbian way of doing things. you cheat the system, you survive. system is there to be cheated.

    serbs are weasels. if they need to cheat the network to make money, they will cheat the network. if it's more cost effective to pay someone to lie on the network than to do it truthfully, they will pay that someone to lie, and boy, will he lie. or something else entirely. they will find a way

  25. typical for westerners. "oh no, child labor! we have to prevent it. those kids should go to school! wah wah wah". those kids don't work cause they don't want to go to school, they work cause they want to eat. their parents work too, and they still can't feed them, they are so underpaid that they literally can't feed their children. so kids have to work too, or die of starvation.

    have you ever tried studying on empty stomach? so empty, you start to faint? how well did it go? you don't need to police companies in bangladesh, you need to get international corporations to pay people more. way more. once they can feed their children, they themselves will send them to schools. if you just spank bangladeshi company working for gap and force them to fire all the kids, those kids are gonna die.

  26. Ivan: Runescape nerd turned into a Blockchain God!

    1) Practice makes perfect; takes at least 60 days of consistent behaviour to make a change, whether it be learning new skills, e.g. learning to program, practising public speaking.
    2) Bear markets are a good thing. This is the time where projects with REAL value will shine and make an impact towards society, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Nano.
    3) Blockchains are tamper proof databases everyone has access to. They add another layer to the internet that allows us to transact value without middlemen.
    4) Blockchain will provide transparency regarding supply chains. This includes the food and pharmaceutical industry. With updates being made onto the Blockchain regarding which ingredients and dosage of drugs being used, people can start to put more trust into supply chains.
    5) It doesn’t matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is, what matters is the mathematical concept Bitcoin provided, the Blockchain technology that allowed us to realise we can create a trusted single point.
    6) Apps that provide no value will die out, such as Instagram. Hard to see what value posting selfies provide etc.
    7) No one should be banned from the Internet/Virtual Reality, Blockchain provides everyone equal rights therefore monopolistic companies will not exist; meaning one person cannot ban someone due to conflict.
    8) Blockchain will change gaming industry, users can own their items and trade in their own will.

  27. An interesting, if not lively, chat, gentlemen. To sum up what I came away with from this video would be to say this: Our future is what we make of it, and it is the VALUE derived from a) technology and b) in social media interaction that will help shape our tomorrows.

  28. I thought I will know more about the future, any future but not sure I have.

  29. Great Insight to your life Ivan, you are an endless stream of useful information. You motivate most people who watch your videos, and give a feeling of comfort.

  30. I really learned a lot how blockchain might change lot of things that we do today. But amazing conversation right from the start as small kid to more passinated you tuber. Building global village, VR , Supply Chain and cat game that revolutize the Blockchain space..Kudos for the contribution and give me a spark to compare new technology with human evolution of accepting it… well done..Happy New year ivan..

  31. CM RJ

    great insights! thank you! so many notes

  32. one of the best video I watch on the last day of 2018 before I go out to party, ill summarise about crypto and blockchain technology, innovation is creativity becoming a reality.

  33. Your window view looks like a moon base

  34. The internet has a heavy impact on my life, I don't need to learn everything anymore in detail. google is like an extension of my brain. Smartphones replaced 1000 tools. Blockchain and AI will have the same impact in the future.
    But we have so much information online and we are so tightly connected to eachother yet we keep socially dividing ourselfs in tribes. Stupidity, crimes, crazyness are also evolving on technology. I hate seeing people getting scammed

  35. Ivan, I've learned way too much to put in a comment. I've watched every single video for more than a year now ..

  36. Great stuff guys, its the new religion, is Satoshi really AI, we use all new tech like children to start with, its not a coincidence that it happens when it happens. Maybe there is a future for humanity and that future is Blockchain. All the best for the new year and heres to an end to greed. 🙂

  37. JK JK

    Good discussion for anyone new in crypto currency/Blockchain space. Starting to discussion on how Ivan work for Corporation and become youtuber later. But I never though that Ivan do his youtube video in his working office,unbelievable!!
    few things I learn here
    1)100 days perseverance on starting something new to try out whether suit our self or not. Self-Discipline play a very important role. the rest will be determine by other outside factor.
    2) Market cycles from train mania in London, internet buble to current state crypto bear market, all needs to go through the whole process, no exception for a new tech to be tested by real world.
    3)How blockchain is transparent to track everything from start point to the latest point. my favorite part :"once cheater in blockchain, whole life cheater" where it so transparent that everyone can c how the cheater cheat…
    4)How gaming industry can evolve into the stage where user/player can own their assets/character by using blockchain.
    5)satoshi is AI theory? that I not buying this idea unless it's recorded in blockchain to be discover by the world in future.
    6)conclusion : every new tech that revolutionize the world will be deems as fiction in the begining, but we always forgot new tech always starts where the fiction become reality. Do anyone still skeptical that Terminator movie in the 80s will be fiction in the future with the AI and robotic research in Boston Dynamic?(go research yourself)

    My point of view/suggestion if there are more such discussion in the future:
    1)Give discussion guideline before hand and do it live so that people can participate by asking question or giving point of view
    2)what will be the weakness of the blockchain how to bring public awareness on this new tech.
    3)where and what should people be cautious on this space especially scammers are everywhere and everyday.
    4)link between the current blockchain company which is doing real stuff that link with the current developing tech like AR, VR, social media etc….

    have a nice day and Happy new year to all!!

  38. Hi Ivan, I definitively agree, blockchain is so relatively new that we are like children playing around and experimenting. Sometimes things are hard to visualize, but suddenly everything will make sense as part of our humanity and we’ll live a new era. Thank you for sharing this great material!

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