An Introduction to the Gnosis Prediction Market Platform

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Home Media A An Introduction to the Gnosis Prediction Market Platform
Published on November 23, 2018
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Members of the Gnosis team and advisors predict the future of the Gnosis prediction market.


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  1. Grahfx

    there is a baby crying in the back at 0:40

  2. atheist

    but where is the product ? how do i get the prediction on something or whatever these guys are selling. there must be something other than the GNO coin.

  3. Hey, also ihr könnt vielleicht Blockchains und Gnosis aber ich kann Film! Damit man auch verstehen kann, wie das alles funktioniert und was ich damit machen kann, sollten wir mal ein Blocks oder Chains oder so in die Hand nehmen und einen vernünftigen Film machen. Bitte!

  4. CiP

    It just sounds good, and that`s it.
    Another centralized shit. IOTA token crap.

  5. Lol big scam ever made after DAO. I never invest in ICO thats need to come from the ground!!! from 0.001 Dollars

  6. Not hating on the gnosis project but you guys need a better film team. Most of the shots were obviously staged, especially the one with you guys pointing to an almost meaningless board while the camera was shaking around trying to find focus.

  7. We are agnostic about oracles? WTFF?? Isnt the point to solve the oracle problem? SHUT UP! TIME FOR CROWDSALE xD

  8. I started only listening to the music after about two minutes. Could you please provide a link to the music without the talking?

    Oh, and I will buy into the ICO.

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