A Standardized Business Model for Decentralized Insurance

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Published on November 24, 2018

Speaker: Christoph Mussenbrock

We at Etherisc are building the first decentralized insurance on the blockchain. Decentralized means that we are not building a company only, but a standardized protocol and a platform on which many participants can build insurance products and trade risks.

Christoph has a long record of accomplishment in the cooperative banking sector in Germany. After several years on the board of a cooperative bank, he switched to the IT segment and became Chief Program Manager Credit Solutions and Chief of Strategy Development at Fiducia & GAD IT AG – one of Germany’s biggest IT Service Providers. Since 2015, he has been CEO of parcIT GmbH, one of Germany’s best-known companies specialized in risk management solutions. Due to his many years of working in the field of banking and insurance, Christoph is highly experienced in all matters concerning regulatory frameworks. He also co-founded Progeno Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG, a housing cooperative in Munich, which has successfully crowdfunded a large residential project in Munich. Christoph has a master’s degree in mathematics and wrote his thesis on formal soft- and hardware verification.


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