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Published on July 1, 2019

“#BasicAttentionToken. It is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in a new, blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform. The token is not a digital currency, security or a commodity.”

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  1. So..Today is suppose to be the launch date for Brave ads (April 24th 2019). Go into brave> preferences > settings > brave rewards .. turn on ads. Click on the 3 little lines with the dots that say ad settings and change it to 5 per hour. Make sure your notifications are on. Now you can't say I've never done anything for you.

  2. Just found your channel. Thanks for being able to present this information as clearly and as concisely as possible. You're definitely earning your subs.

  3. I'm visiting websites that are verified publishers (with the Brave shields down), and clicked on the ads, yet I've only found one that let me claim tokens. Am I doing something wrong or just not understanding the process correctly?

  4. Your final thoughts are just spot on! With the last update enabling add-ons this now becomes also very attractive for heavy users. This browser might really blow up!

  5. Watched from Germany with the Brave Browser 🙂

  6. B onit

    Im switching to Brave right now.

  7. AJ

    this was awesome. this is they kind of exciting new tech that we need. EARLY ADOPTERS UNITE!

  8. the BAT TOKEN SYMBOL and free GRANTS or not visible in android version.please reply is there any steps to activate

  9. How can I receive bat I'm a New user and want to be part of the trial

  10. I wish every education video on the web was as clear and concise as yours. Not a wasted moment. Consistent and excellent every time.

  11. great video Alex, you know how to move the bat coins from brave to exchange markets

  12. Watched on Brave Mobile, Chrome extensions can be used on Brave Browser too…check it out.

  13. Dude you kill it. Very well spoken and have great content. I'm informed, thumbs up for sure!

  14. P F

    Great info..I like the speed of your talking puts my mind on turbo..

  15. Great Video. This was the most informative video about BAT i've ever seen. Thanks!

  16. Cool!! I learned something and back in crypto!!

  17. Hey CC. I really like the content of your vids and the educational approach but sometimes you're talking so fast my head starts spinning. It's a lot of info to digest. I'm not saying to not try to keep your vids in good time but an occasional pause might be helpful. Just a thought. 😉

  18. I3UTM

    You are doing the same thing I am doing. Downloading crypto projects ages ago and then remembering when other people using it to actually getting around to use it lol

  19. T-Fox

    Hello! Good day to you! May I request a video on Restart Energy MWAT pretty please? Thank you kindly for all the videos.

  20. Greta breakdown but forgot to talk about thw centralized Uphold wallet. N the process to be a verified is not easy peasy. You should do a vid on that process.

  21. Rob

    I've been using Brave for a long time now and love it! Solid, secure and constantly getting updated.

  22. Great! thanks for sharing, I been following Brave and bat, I think they are the real disruption for the digital ad industry.

  23. Thanks for the video, you are officially my first content creator contribution on brave!

  24. I tried the browser but it just has blurry text

  25. That’s a sick Sweater. Can you pls shoot me the website to where I can order one. By the way great video. I just Grabbed a few of BAT coin and ima HODL this long term. Sounds like a great investment. Keep up the amazing work.

  26. Thanks for bringing BAT to the attention. I am going to use it simply to support the blockchain. Great video and like your disclaimer about the reward that you have received from BAT. You cannot go wrong when you are true to yourself.

  27. This is an excellent review. Also remember that in Fall, they will be releasing a whole new rewrite of the browser (Brave v1.0). It will have support for all Chrome extensions and feature a full Chromium front-end. In other words, it will be on par with or better than Chrome is now.

  28. yes again gotta love the bat and again. BRAVo. to you. good work and advice sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos

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