BITCOIN 2020! Hugely undervalued!

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Published on January 12, 2020

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Ivan on Tech is all about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. We also cover Bitcoin price, altcoin price, investing, analytics, different altcoins.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist
Good Morning Crypto


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  1. Ivan we need you to visit the Bitcoin Center Miami!

  2. IT guys always are most optimistic people in the world 🙂

  3. Cryptocurrency's especially (Bitcoin) it's no longer what to buy and Hodl for a period of time and be expecting profit with that kind of 'IDEA', Making profit with bitcoin is not a day job especially now that the market is deep, who knows what the chart will be in the next three 3 month. I bought $20,000 worth of bitcoin early this year which quickly drain to the pit, I never lose hope because I know the market will hit the sky. As of early June, I purchased Bitcoin worth of $30,000 with few XRP and decided to give a try on day trading with Richard William a competent trader by all ramification, I've made of over $90,000 worth of BTC&XRP by day trading, achieving this was the greatest thing that as ever happenned to me when it comes to trading in bitcoin and I'm very happy with this because I am applying the same steps on every move, reach on him through Telegram @Richywilliam or WhatApp: +1(925)222-2731. hit the like and subscribe to the channel.

  4. I learned that ETH and BTC are very undervalued by many.

  5. I've learned that Bitcoin halving price reaction may work differently than expected by the common consensus.

  6. I learned that oracles are for fetching information from outside of the blockchain into the blockchain

  7. Tron is dogsh!t of announcement of announcements…

  8. Ugh, email lists. I already get ~200 emails a day sometimes in where every sender wants me to do something. I dont want to get any more emails at all.

  9. I learned proof of work is physics that binds the blocks together. WELCOME BACK!!

  10. I learned that missing a day on Ivan's podcast would make my life empty.

  11. Cryptocoins are Hugely Overvalued since tether involved crypto market

  12. I don't own any ETH , but something tells me that it's probably time to start accumulating. At $130 , it's still affordable.

  13. I learn new information about the upgrades for bitcoin, good job for sharing and commenting on the latest news. Happy new year.

  14. Yes I will subscribe to email. I want you Ivan to tell me when your videos are up. Not Youtube if they feel like it.

  15. I learned that bitcoin and ethereum are undervalued because people are unaware of the big upgrades in the near future

  16. So much hype about Bitcoin going up in 2020, I’m almost inclined to believe the opposite.

  17. baybil

    Proof of Capacity is beter than PoW

  18. I really want to like this guy's Channel, as well as the moon. I know they're correct on what they say. But I just can't take anyone with a Swedish accent seriously. They sound like retards.

  19. It's super easy to be a hodler, when you are buying low!

  20. Welcome tf back Ivan on Tech !!

  21. For 2020, you should come up with a new intro Ivan. There would be a big problem if atomic clock was off on weekends and holidays ><

  22. Beacon Chain. Sounds suspiciously like Bitcoin Chain. Marketing ploy? Just saying.

  23. Please consider using a Telegram group to keep in touch with listeners. I believe Telegram is great tool for this. I follow many content creators there.

  24. Ja Ha

    Du är ett sånt jävla chill Ivan. Mår fan illa.

  25. Thank you for allowing us to give you our emails. What a great idea! Fuck Google and centralized platforms. Decentralization for the win!

  26. I learned that btc and eth undervaluation are an opportunity for the next years

  27. also, you can't just answer every question with "we teach you that in the academy", not everyone can afford academy, and if this is your only answer, there's no reason to assume you know anything about anything. I mean, techlead supposedly teaches you how to pass interviews for faang corporations. but you'd never guess that from his channel. and those that tried his course, say it sucks. so, if you want people to join academy, give at least some tech info. you're ivan on tech, not ivan on academy. talk the tech

  28. Sorry, I don't want an email every time you post a video. I am subscribed to hundreds of channels, imagine if I received email every time all of them post a video? some of them post many videos a day too. no thanks. you guys should have used this opportunity to come up with an alternative platform so that we can all move there and abandon sinking ship that is youtube. I don't expect channels that do alternative news to come up with youtube alternative, but you guys are coders, or at least many of you are. if crypto community were to move, many would follow. the thing here is to just pick a platform. no one wants to receive ton of emails every day, that's not what email is for, besides, when you receive too many emails, you ignore them. when you receive a thumbnail, you either click it or you don't, but hundreds of emails telling you there's a new video? no one is gonna click on that. that's not a solution.

  29. Black sugar. No milk,no coffee involved.

  30. Speaking about the undervaluation, just look at bitcoin cash! Amazing opportunity of a lifetime. Potential high of the bull market between 30 000- 40 000 usd (0.10-0.20 btc/bch). Now you can buy it at 200 usd or 0.03 btc/bch.

  31. Sky

    Great to see you back on Ivan!!

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