BITCOIN $250K NEXT ATH! XRP $1.2 Billion Dumped, Ripple IPO

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Published on January 12, 2020

Ivan on Tech video


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  1. Bitcoin is way too unstable and small guys will always get burned unless they are clever about it and use the system and not get used by it. Gotta have a plan or it will ride ya good and the biggest misconception is that of holding for dear life (HODL). Holding in itself is not bad but I pay myself periodically and invest into other mechanisms like real estate which has been very good for me. My strategy has been to get good profit by guided trading using Allan Shaw trade signals which helped me get over 14 Bitcoin already after starting just 2 months ago with slightly above 4 Bitcoin. As simple as it is, it works for me and I am more financially stable than ever before. To seek Allan’s assistance, he can be reached by whataspp ( +48 732121976) or Telegram (@allanshaw) for inquiries into his system.

  2. Ripple is similar to bitconnect

  3. Who is the person with the single biggest holding of BTC? Wouldn't $250k/BTC make them the world's first trillionaire?

  4. If last decade was the decade of the Central banks, whom's decade was in 2000-2010?!

  5. c3tr4

    I think Ripple selling is good for the future however I do think that they sold far too much and that F'd over a lot of holders, they should be doing the opposite. In the future I believe XRP will be worth a good amount but the majority of people who ever bought it retail won't still be around.

  6. I learned when you try to intercept you can also be intercepted by another one….next time try to be slightley more invisible because you`re interceptor was a female and you attract woman believe me i know al about it (they see you coming even it is from light years away)xD Again great episode Ivan, big value and some fun in one packedge ^^

  7. 8mins in and you're still waffling. Great content though

  8. I learned people like bitcoin price predictions

  9. I said this years ago about Ripple – the tokens are worthless shit, what will be worth something, is shares in the company as they are a "For Real" company actually out there doing business unlike most cryptos.

  10. I ;earned that I need to be ready for a paradigm change

  11. In a few years, XRP market cap will be 2 TRILLION US $. XRP/RIPPLE is the most hated project because it is the ONLY project that really nailed it in the blockchain sphere.

  12. I have learned about the real value of btc

  13. I learned that Ivan is taller than he looks

  14. 55mph

    XRP does not represent Ripple's accomplishments.

  15. em em

    Anything non-scientific is BS, like illuminaty triangles. Great show!

  16. If you want to become a millionaire some day, I suggest you start buying bitcoin today.

  17. Nug U

    I disagree that you can't tax rich people. You can. They can't leave. You think Bezos and Amazon is going to leave the USA? Not gonna happen. No company is going to leave the biggest economy on Earth just to prove a point.

    And if they do leave… Well another company will rightly take their place. You CAN raise taxes on rich people and businesses.

  18. Nug U

    I think Binance acting like a bank is okay. They have a job to do. If we want to withdraw our funds to a decentralized location we are free to do so.

  19. christinne lagarde from the european centrale bank explaines numerologie google it. she's a zionist jew.

  20. brian s

    real shit!! you hit it on the nail, they sell off but dont sell off more than suppply and when the sell pressure is higher they started buying it back to prop they price up with the money they already sold olff with!! its why when you buy into a postion the price will start auto go the other way

  21. I learned that XRP dumps there bags on the market constantly.

  22. I made you have 667 likes. I couldn't let your likes be "666."

  23. I learned that our space is young, volatile, exciting and essential, and that Ivan is a superlative speaker in this space – even on his day off

  24. I learned that the smart money is in Ripple the company and not necessarily in the token.

  25. IVAN why do people give a shit what Draper says? Of course he is going to predict BS BTC numbers. He is a huge holder of BTC!

  26. I learned that XRP has a market cap of $10 Billion and all foundations perform automated liquidation to manage their operations

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