BITCOIN DEFI 2020!! New Protocol, TenX, Cake, Halving, Success ft Dr Julian Hosp

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Published on May 16, 2020

Today we are discussing Bitcoin Defi, halving and price together with Julian Hosp. Of course we also discuss global economy and recession that we are all witnessing right now.
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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. hilbertp

    Can anyone tell me if there is a chain, coin or token which has a user interface and the proper tools to help my business make more transactions with merchants, customers and emplooyees in crypto rather than fiat? So basically I'm asking for a crypto bank account for business. Anything come to mind?

  2. Robert Murphy

    This is the first video of Ivan’s I have not watched to the end due to the excessive use of ads. Think I will try and make the live stream tomorrow morning ad free.

  3. Crypto Hyper

    Not this Guy! BOOOO – HISS – dislike

  4. Senfda Tzu

    Sorry dude, your content is shifting into unserious territory. I cannot follow you anymore.

  5. Senfda Tzu

    Hosp simply is not realizing that he is a persona non grata in cryptospace. So all narcissists do. Too many people lost their money following his "advices"

  6. James Anderson

    Maskoffweb,com are really the best bitcoin hackers online

  7. Paul Marin

    Julian Is a scam artist …. never delivered on Tenx … lied day in and day out … did the cards ever arrive Julian…

  8. Frank V

    I made the mistake of trying to follow this video on my phone. FU with your ads. Are you crazy?

  9. Martin Warn

    What Julia is doing, sounds like Komodo $KMD with a focus solely on defi.

  10. sneaks123

    Man this guy gives me a headached speaks so fast…

  11. adam martin

    Yeah zero cases because they bought fake test kits from China.

  12. Ryan Butler

    Nice guy, Julian.

  13. Roy Urban

    Ivan on Ads

  14. Chero Pulse

    4 commercials within 10min. youtube is catching up to TV shows, every 4 min 1 commercial thats crazy

  15. mikemen10

    Be careful Ivan, that he don't scam you too! 😀

  16. Discoveryourfemininepower

    The ability to plam ahead is taught in Permaculture Design

  17. Discoveryourfemininepower

    Too many ads Ivan! Dd Julian ask so much for appearing on the channel?

  18. JMvloot van der

    Dont trust him no more after ten x good talker but not sincere

  19. Mustafa Senegal

    Unwatchable without brave or adblocker
    im 10 min in and heard 500 times "ARE YOU LOOKING TO STACK MASSIVE AMOUT OF SATS?"

  20. Chronicles

    Ivan, thank you for bringing on people that are out of the box thinkers! A lot of Crypto focus too narrowly on Crypto content. The info about Time Horizon is worth just as much or more as the crypto content.

  21. FP W

    Do not promote Scammers how walk away with ICO Money an declare himselfe as great entrepreneur

  22. Carloh

    Julian tenx .. Many infos show that he is scammer.. How many promises , bank license, etc…

  23. TPP Wilnis

    Come on… Not this so-called doctor on your channel. I’m a long one ivanontech follower, don’t like this kind of interviews Ivan. A dis-like here because new people in the crypto space don’t know this guy and probably won’t do a lot of research..

  24. Alan Chandler

    Ivan, over 40 ads is getting excessive

  25. Mitchell Watts

    I know Crypto is about to go on a bull run because scammers are coming back out. Dont trust Julian. Ivan why give him a stage?

  26. Michael Mueller

    Don't work with scammers, don't give them a platform …otherwise I'm going to quite this channel. And others will too.

  27. Demian Figueroa

    =O! theh con man is back!!

  28. Flavio

    The ads are very annoying!

  29. Flavio

    Only real DeFi for me Is HEX!!!!!

  30. Let ́s be Traveler

    Great interview! Learned a lot!

  31. Dr. Julian Hosp - Bitcoin, Stocks, Gold, etc

    Thanx Ivan – had a great time and nice discussions. For anyone who is not a spam bot and is actually open to check out things, have a look at Cake – we do some amazing work! Stafe safe and healhty all!


    Yooo remember TenX?? Wow now that was a shitcoin and compmay

  33. Paul Kittson

    I almost got some content in between the ads

  34. eb nee

    Brave Browser stops all the ads!!!! 🙂

  35. Digital Oil

    Bitcoin Defi? Unless Bitcoin makes core changes to its protocol to support tokens, smart contracts and oracles you'll never get robust native digital economies on Bitcoin. The Bitcoin architecture does not support anything but P2P transactions. Won't work.

  36. no care

    Next interview with Craig Wright

  37. BootsOfLeather

    Next interview get justin sun…

  38. Friar Jon

    Another amazing interview. Really enjoyed Julian talking about the entrepreneurial mindset, that part of the interview kinda stole the show. DeFi on BTC is interesting though.

  39. Shagia Agolo Lartey

    oh oh SCAM ALLEEERTTTT!!. where are my tokens and card?

  40. Mr Chimichanga

    So WTF happened with 10x?

  41. Jorrin Bruns

    WOW waaaaay too many ads in this video

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