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Published on January 12, 2020

Ivan on Tech video


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  1. Listening from the ZOG occupied People's Republic of Canada.

  2. xmen89

    I've said it a million times before to my colleagues and will say it here again. The plan is to scare away most of the hodlers and Once it seems like it is done, that is when it will shoot way up and become impossible to acquire any BTC. If I owned enough BTC I too, would manipulate the markets and people for max gains! Sadly, enough with my 2 jobs, I could only save and buy 3 btc over a prolonged period but lately, I having started day trading have been able to grow my portfolio to about 8 btc thanks to Allan Shaw’s daily trade signals and general guide to profitable trading. Thanks to him, a lot of less experienced friends of mine are also making a better living for themselves and would turn out to be financially secured in the near future. The plan will come to fruition soon so like it or hate it, it will happen. Allan is accessible by whataspp +48 732121976 or Telegram (@allanshaw) for any crypto related inquiries.

  3. i learned that Ivan has evolved massively on diffrents fronts compared to his first video's.
    ps im one of the early followers.

  4. Invest in Bitcoin 2
    The price of BTC2 is going up now it's $2.00ea much better than investing $7538.00 for one Bitcoin. The biggest no-brainer ever. At least hold
    1 Bitcoin 2 . Remember the Bitcoin pizza guy don't repeat his mistake.

  5. Everything is ok, no worries until 2030

  6. Daedalus (Greek Δαίδαλος, Latin Daedalus) is the second largest Greek builder in Greek mythology (according to legend, he was surpassed by nephew and apprentice Talós), inventor, also a sculptor and painter. He was the son of the Athenian artist Eupalam and the father of Ikar.

    Daedalus is most renowned for being the first person to take off into the air, on hand-made and constructed wings from bird feathers, glued wax. This is associated with the death of his son Ikar.

  7. K C

    I don’t normally like your videos but I really enjoyed this one. Great topic and great advice. Just hodl

  8. mirou c

    Money is the universal language

  9. I learnt a little bit about what halving is in the first place and how to treat it in the market. Thank you, the way you deliver the content is really clear and easy to listen to/ follow.

  10. I learned that bible says wake up early and invest in crypto

  11. I share your worry that too much weight and hope is put on the bitcoin halving

  12. I learned that private blockchains are like the intranet, will not have much utility like the public blockchains

  13. I learned that people will be disappointing with the price of BTC after the halving

  14. Ivan, c'mon, I really appreciate your work and your videos but could you please slow down with the click bait? You know better. What you say is a danger it would be just another price drop, before go up again… as you mentioned. Honey badger doesn't care about people "disappointed" with price drops before or after the halving. If you need to make your numbers pretty for sponsors, ok, but at least use a positive click-bait.

  15. I learned that Cardano testnet is running right now.

  16. Another thing to worry about is that some mining operations may not be profitable when the block rewards halve and may have to sell more to continue. Some who stop mining altogether may dump all they have. Could be what happened to litecoin with it's recent halving. It could take a year for btc halving to result in a major pump effect. Miners are a major source of sell pressure.

  17. Alex f

    I'll put sugar and milk into whatever I want.

  18. Esen

    Most people in Crypto space are traders and lack of advanced tech knowledge. That's why Cardano is downrated in terms of price. Ethereum devs are hiding behind their fingers when looking at it as everybody does when looking at Bitcoin. Cardano launched a testnet last week and already has more than 400 pools for staking. That's a high tech + ultra-decentralized dream coming true and yet was covered like 5% in this upload.
    I really like you Ivan very much, but not today ;p

  19. I learned that Ivan is a BitWorried about people over focusing and hoping too much in the halving.

  20. Eve from Washington, DC. Drinking lemon water.

  21. NLNeoNL

    I learned DCA still rules

  22. Barsick

    Today I learned that I need to check for Ivan's livestreams even on sundays!!

  23. W C

    Oh, man. That was the best I've heard someone butcher the Daedalus and Jormungandr names 🙂
    Great content BTW.

  24. em em

    Which coffee brand are you drinking?

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