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Published on May 8, 2020

Let’s talk about the Bitcoin price with Alex Mashinsky from Celsius Network. Alex was one of the early pioneers of the Internet and was one of the key people that made voice over IP (VoIP) tech mainstream. His goal now is to make money over IP (MoIP) mainstream with crypto!



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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. Ellie Yan

    Is there a desktop app for Celsius link or just phone app?

  2. Nikolaos Beratlis

    They talk about 5%-8% interest rate but that's on a crypto asset that can go down 90% is a few months. It is not 5%-8% on local currency.

  3. William Collis

    He might be right about going to stable coins and then to bitcoin

  4. Thomas Morris

    Excellent Video, This setup is indeed very understandable, As a beginner, I’ve come to realize that experience beats hard work, I made weak profit investing on my own, but since the past 2 months I’ve been investing with the guidance of a Mr Denis Mark, I've made over $37,500 Profit with a trade capital of $7,000

  5. Gavin Page

    You can be the face of mass adoption Ivan

  6. Paul Palmeri

    This was a really good and valid interview. Am seriously going to find out more about Celsius Network.

  7. Mateus Mazza

    My God what an Interview!!!! One of the best Ive seen! Ever!!!! Thank you!!!!

  8. damon B

    He talks of decentralization yet Celsius is 100% totally Centralized! You are trusting him with your Crypto! Fact.

  9. Nicholas Scholten

    I don't believe e=mc2; tesla was the genius. That being said, I'm interested.

  10. Nik D

    Bitcoin is the revolution! Ethereum is an alternative! But Digibyte is the evolution that points towards the future. Among all the logos listed on CMC, few are REAL cryptocurrencies, with minable blockchain, and even fewer are as fast, decentralized, and secure as Digibyte. Until now, none has managed to name one better REAL crypto than Digibyte with logical arguments.

  11. (っ◕‿◕)っkruxy

    Should have asked him about his Head of Institutional Lending

  12. Fred Pennington

    So, the bank system is maybe Criminal; but, User Friendly! Crypto is Not user friendly!

  13. Hobby428

    I still like Proof of Week Hands 3D "PoWH3D" a true OG smart contract.

  14. Judith Boucher

    Very interesting interview.

  15. Tipo159

    I wish Celsius well. Thanks Ivan

  16. frittiert & lecker

    Ivan you can listen very well and I really appreciate that. Letting the interviewee talk is gold!

  17. Terrell Lopez

    I would recommend thodex bitcoin stock market, the best stock market.

  18. hami ora

    awesome interview. thank you Ivan and Alex. love both your guys perseverance in your work. I am one happy Celsius Network user now for almost 1 year

  19. Robert George

    Love Alex. I rely on his Celsius services

  20. Anton Kolbasko

    Market is full with plenty of other options of cryptocurrencies. Have a look at the transaction speed of Bitcoin – it's funny 😀 Do you really think it has the bright future rather than a trading tool? I recently discovered another cool solution for those who would like to have their own coin! I've just launched my startup company, connected it to Brand Tokens ( and created my own coin in few simple steps, so my customers are rewarded with my own cryptocurrency after every service use, and they can exchange it to Bitcoin/Ethereum or use in my app to get a discount for example. In my opinion it's the best solution on the market nowadays for many types of businesses who want to scale their business! Advice you to try it indeed… They offered free trial and after 1 month I've already seen the results of customers retention!! Thank you for the video, just wanted to tell people about another good solution available on the market, not about Bitcoin which is overrated in a way…

  21. Harry Pottarrr

    "more utility less volatility" Alex M…nice!

  22. Mr Cuddlemuffin

    Alex Mashinsky seems like a random Brooklyn jewel dealer but instead he always has great insight on his company, obviously, and his deeper insight on BTC because of that is interesting. Also legit the interest rates on Celsius are amazing. You can stake so many tokens too its crazy. I don't think there's a single wallet, d'app, or pool that gives as much interest or allows as many tokens/coins.

  23. Temujin

    i think my I.Q. went up a few points listening to this interview. thanks Ivan. 🙂

  24. HEX Coin

    Alex is the real deal. Great interview!

  25. Bitcoin SV

    only BSV will reach the mass adoption

  26. Chris Duncan

    i think bitcoin is interesting and i hold some of it. but saying bitcoin is going to replace gold is retarded. please give me all your gold if you think bitcoin will make it obsolete.

  27. Benzi Crypto gigolo

    quite true all these crypto youtubers even Ivan be hailing Buffet and all these assholes as heroes when they are cooperate thieves..BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS..YOU YOUTUBERS ARE SO DANGEROUS AND GREEDY…ESPECIALLY YOU IVAN…GROW UP

  28. boyacaxa

    great presentation!!

  29. Woop woop

    Great interview, and what timing. Have been comparing BlockFI and Celsius last days. And…well sorry BF but you just got replaced.

  30. Jay Hoskins

    It's a hoax to cover up the world debt bubble. Money and power grab.

  31. jack gill

    Incredible… well done be proud 3 years watching u … this is crypto growth

  32. Earth Jack

    Well over a year now, nothing but happy days and relaxed maxxed out savings with Celsius for me. CEL token done seriously well . . it's been so interesting watching DeFi lurch about a bit whereas . . . unique OG CeDeFi like Celsius just steam ahead and pay out weekly. Incredible performance during planetary stress test. Business as usual. Thanks Alex & team!

  33. Precious

    After several winnings with Denis Mark Trading , i can boldly say investing in crypto is profitable if you have the winning strategy

  34. Con Tsonis

    First time I’ve seem Ivan so quiet!! He’s respecting Alex! Speaks volumes for both. Fantastic interview Ivan/Alex. Much respect guys. I’m with you!

  35. Kimberley wilkinson

    The secret is built into the way the exchanges operate. The price of the coins goes up and down based on supply and demand, and the supply and demand for the currencies around the world is different from one exchange to another and because of this, often there are HUGE price differences in the same coin on different exchanges. I trade with the help of signals provided by Coach Miller. His signals are the real deal, his platform integrates seemlessly with coinbase, bitcoin, binance, poloniex, bittrex and many more to give you instant earnings and it has been conisistent this way for months and even when people folded because of the current market setback, with Millers' his help I have continue growing my portfolio week by week. Should you be interested, you can reach him on *Telegram @P_trades

  36. brenda tucker

    We buy Ledgers for our friends and take them to ATMs!

  37. brenda tucker

    Imagine a world where governments could not control our money. imagine that!! they wd turn to dust and we could choose who gets our money and why.

  38. brenda tucker

    For mass adoption it just has to be easier and safe.

  39. brenda tucker

    Maschinsky is a jewel of a human being! so is Ivan. so grateful!

  40. Gary Lang

    Always awesome Alex.

  41. Bub Huyssen

    Such a quality interview again, thanks!!!

  42. Living The Bucket List

    It's 'currency' they are printing. Not 'money'. It has no real value and fails to act like money. Check out the Hidden Secrets of Money on Mike Maloney's channel (GoldSilver). There's a good episode where he educates gold and silver people on Bitcion.

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