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Published on January 12, 2020

Ivan on Tech video


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  1. Why should anyone be taxed in dollars for a crypto to crypto transaction while the government has no crypto wallets to collect crypto taxes. That is the very definition of theft.

  2. Not your keys, not your money, not your taxing concerns

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for the video, learned so much about the US tax laws & right on time!

  4. crypto is a currency which is not taxable itself if the u.s. dollar increases in value the increase is not taxable

  5. I own a gun….so if I get audited…my crypto can get locked up and I kill myself. Suicide > Paying taxes to the most corrupt gov in the world: the USA. This girl is a gov sellout….she can burn in hell

  6. the taxcollector first needs to suck the family jewels. ill give him 50euro for that

  7. Thank you so much for all this tax information.

  8. Ivan on tax! Thanks for always beeing there bro, through thck and thin, through bull as well as bear

  9. what an absolute load of cock an ball americas laws up to the uk

  10. Governments ALWAYS get a piece of whatever you're doing, effectively crippling your ability to have money in the long term. The sooner you get over that, the better… Or we could just force politicians to reduce or abolish taxes. I wonder, if nobody wants to pay taxes WHY IN THE WORLD there are still so many of them? Something fishy here…

  11. Unethical?? how do you figure> Are you a child? Do you need a government to tell you what is ethical?

  12. A message to the IRS, good luck with Monero.

  13. Thank you IVANonTECH for another informative video!

  14. Puerto Rico has 0% capital gains and is a US territory m

  15. Damien

    LOL HaHaHahaHa!
    Hilarious video.. simply hilarious… Didn't know you were a comedian Ivan. What a joke… Civil War Is A Brew!

  16. I learned that I do not like cyrpto tax girl she has no idea she is part of the corrupt system. Why she be bothering us?

  17. wheel 7

    they will let you go back to 2014 for gains, but not for losses. that's fair! Amos 5:10-11

  18. I learned that taxation is just hard to be applied on cryptocurrencies. Also taxation is theft.

  19. Steve N

    someone doubling up earnings before end of year, fed up with all the affiliate links

  20. Great information on US taxes very useful information. Keep up the great work Ivan

  21. i heard crypto was worst than rat poison… why tax it?

  22. em em

    crypto accountants… we need em

  23. Govt: crypto is worthless
    Also govt: TaX ALl CryPTo tRaNSacTioN, PUrCHasE aNd aIRdRoP!!!

    p.s. this is a very helpful interview

  24. Gee Lee

    Forex is better than crypto fuck paying taxes

  25. Yaaaaaaas! The sooner we capitulate, the sooner we can get bullish!

  26. J Di Re

    You can thank Kevin Svenson.

  27. Thanks for the interview with the Tax Consultant, Ivan. I am sure it helps a lot of crypto users in the US.

  28. Lending instead of selling crypto for tax purposes is cool, but you can't ever do that at the top, because you will instantly get liquidated, which kind of defeats its purpose, unless using some ridiculous collateral ratio or unless in case of liquidation collateral ratio is smaller then the tax rate, then it still might make sense.

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