BTC Halving, Hashrate, Fed to Scrap Inflation? Global Econ Update

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Published on May 8, 2020
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  1. Minnie Rodriguez

    Link to your Patreon please

  2. Jonathan *

    Any words of wisdom for traveling with your cold wallet internationally? With this 10,000. Declaration thing?

  3. Winston W

    Not a cool thing to say someone isn't smart…. no need for that.

  4. Joey Considine

    Yeah I don’t get it. So many people I know are buying homes, looking or just bought within the last 6 months. Wtf.? Maybe they weren’t awake in 2008?

  5. Joey Considine

    What about theta wallet? In US we can’t add it to another wallet I don’t think


    Hey the video was a little jumpy, but the audio was fine throughout. Keep up the good work and keep the lives streams coming! This space is about to get a lot of attention and I have the feeling your subscriber count will go parabolic with BTC.

  7. Fire Swing Golf

    The "smartest people" aren't working on the Libra coin? How do you know who is working on it and what their project looks like. Imagine trying to build a new monetary instrument inside a huge business while trying to adhere to rules and regulations that aren't complete or even invented yet. You sir aren't looking like the smartest guy in the world during this live stream.

  8. crypto currbit

    The lock down was a purge by the powers that aught not to be they knew people would die

  9. James At the water cooler

    Indianapolis, have shortage of hamburger and prices rising. As far as businesses they are opening slowly.

  10. King Animal

    Could we replace the classical music with some good ole Rock N' Roll? Thanks for the update guys!! Cheers!!

  11. Greg Isaac

    Let's hope people can see what's,going on I am going Bush of the grid

  12. lightwaters

    hi maybe i missed it but how do you guys store your keys it wasn't clear

  13. Greg Isaac

    I think you guys are on the money I can't see much change in crypto in 7 day.

  14. Greg Isaac

    Ha funny thing my son's mate was in Balina top car park and Kelly Slater pulls in at the car park. Apparently he has a home up on the gold cost. Funny we have a lock down and he was in Balina

  15. Greg Isaac

    Greetings from Byron Bay area.

  16. Rhonnie Allan

    Why do you guys automatically assume that increases hashrate is good when you do not know who it belongs to?
    It could be one Billionaire dude/government; thereby weakening Bitcoin's security

  17. Paulo Marques


  18. John mac

    I tried to update on ledger live last night and no joy, it showed an update available, still never updated my nano s thinks needing updating as well.

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