BTC Price Predictions, Is Crypto Dying, Bitgrail Hack, Coinstar & Crypto Legislation!

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Published on July 25, 2019

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  1. Mr. R.

    Cool channel, keep it going!

  2. Julien Mendoza


  3. desi roti

    is there any way to claim for the coins lost at birgrail?

  4. Danie Kruger

    You did some homework and I appreciate it. Say that 4 times fast hahahaha

  5. Mike Canaday

    Please comment, opine, whatever on XRP/Ripple.

  6. MartBro93

    Can you please check out and make a review on the Uptrennd platform ? 🙂

  7. Sunsettvu

    Butt coin will moon soon…guaranteed.

  8. BigBadButt

    Bitcoin has been abused like Magic in the last season of Magicians. $2,500 per bitcoin bottom? J/k, about the price, totally right on the first part.

  9. Brian Thompson

    You’re by far the best crypto explainer on YouTube…

  10. Willeke

    How to get my money/tokens back fr Bitgrail..? I was a victim also but nobody explains how to get the tokens back…

  11. Mice Elf

    I’m clairvoyant. Bitcoin will go to a gajillion ^.^ I can dig this format. Maybe try using some cinematic time lapse backgrounds. Nature scenes are always pretty.

  12. PhillyPhillyRapture

    Never listen to anything Tom Lee says. Even Tom knows, that he knows nothing.

  13. voodrin

    I appreciate you stating the blunt reality surrounding price predictions. Its good to see someone in the crypto-space who isn't shilling something. Keep up the great content!

  14. Randy Ogata

    Please check out Apollocurrency . Record breaking . Thanks

  15. OctoMan PC's

    1st Gen Cryptos are Dead in the water, 2nd Gen Cryptos are becoming obsolete…3rd Gen Cryptos are the future because they are SO MUCH MORE than just a new type of currency. They are literally a new IT tech in itself.

  16. Pierre Jean Jouve

    Thank you Alex

  17. austinogg

    great vid!!! always great to see your perfect face <3 …..the log chart is really popular right now back in 2017 that chart was the biggest factor to get me to invest in btc


    Welcome back! We missed you

  19. JM V


  20. Jason Jenkins

    Thoughts on purchases for 2019 and why? Currently looking at Btc, xrp,eth,ltc,ada,eos,etn,fun.

  21. SwissStacker

    Love your skin! you have such a lovely baby skin. What can I do to have a skin like yours?

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