Cloak Phone Review: John McAfee’s Blockchain Privacy-Focused Luxury Smartphone is Here

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Published on July 31, 2018

John McAfee, the crypto-crazed supporter and entrepreneur, took to Twitter to announce early access applications are available for his new Cloak Phone, described as “the ultimate private smart phone.” Find out how it works today in our review.

What is the Cloak Phone?

The Cloak Phone is an upcoming smartphone in development by Blackout Mobile and Team McAfee. The phone aims to provide “the luxury of privacy” to users by creating “the ultimate private smart phone.”

You can sign up for the Cloak Phone’s early access online today at However, the phone isn’t scheduled to launch until Q2 2019. The website is filled with digital mock-ups of the device, so it doesn’t appear that a real-world prototype has been made.

The goal of the Cloak Phone is to allow users to use a smartphone without divulging intimate personal details with every tap. The website explains that existing smartphones, apps, and cell providers compromise our privacy and personal safety. Simply by using your smartphone, you’re giving away your name, address, phone number, date of birth, fingerprints, social security number, credit card numbers, bank account logins, cryptocurrency account logins, passwords, photos, emails, texts, contacts, browsing history, and location history.

Some of this data is available instantly to your carrier and mobile device operator. Other data can easily be discovered with a warrant.

Among other core features, the Cloak Phone uses blockchain technology to enhance device security.

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