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Published on September 13, 2019

“#CocosBCX is a decentralized gaming and digital assets development platform built with the Cocos engine. Their goal is to be an end-to-end solution for decentralized game development. ”

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  1. Crypto Hype

    Exchange listing hopium it is. Great Video CryptoCandor!

  2. Exciting World Cryptos

    hmm Coco's bfx. never heard will research it further on my side thanks for sharing. jr

  3. MrHarrilasagna

    Thanks for the review Alex! Personally waiting on them to release the open source code before I take any position.

  4. Frank Ternay

    definitely worth keep an eye on. this team rocks, chen and yang will push the blockchain gaming technology forward very quickly. biggest hurdle will be getting people to move from something they know to something new – as u said – i wouldn't bet against them. ty alex!

  5. austinogg

    Favorite model thank you for being so beautiful

  6. zaidrazzak

    Bloody good project in bloody market

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