Crypto 101: DAOs | What Are They & Why Do They Matter?

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Published on September 13, 2019

DAO’s by design function autonomously, this means that once the #DAO is active, outside forces or bad actors cannot interrupt or manipulate it. Thanks to the fact they are open source, DAO’s are also transparent and because that there is no third party trust required

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  1. David Tse

    I learned something new, so I subscribed.

  2. Crypto Zozo

    Been Watching DGD for a while now .. thx

  3. Dino

    just wanted to let you know i still listen to the charles hoskinson chat regularly 🙂 would love to have him back on

  4. Alexandru Colta

    Thank you Alex,
    Question, not related to this video, if you would have to buy a new hardware wallet, just one , which one is number one in your opinion ? I consider you as an expert in this area

  5. mathew Ngila

    Candor you are my financial advisor

  6. MA A


    Can you please discuss EOS?

  7. Exciting World Cryptos

    DAO Very good distribution. Looking at the white paper. Seems a really good team put together as well. It is a shame they had some problems early time after going public. DAO does have a good a direction. Seems they do have a bumpy road prior and could be a few things. Going on Lots of decisions in the crypto space. Then again, drama is sometimes healthy. Just makes the community interesting. Anyhow, great review again. (I'm posting this same comment on your DTube side to bring awareness) Thanks again JR

  8. yes no

    Please make a prediction video of BTC/Eth/ and other coins according to your intuition

  9. yes no

    Bad ring in the right hands finger

  10. JM V


  11. Cory Cook

    Hey ! Extra smart person! How about a instructional vid showing how to set up a order on IDEX. MARKET

  12. Henri Cormier

    Good review… really enjoy your videos.. I've been learning Solidity last few months and was researching DAO framework so it was ironic to see this pop up in my feed this morning ;o)

  13. Paul Armour

    Thanks Alex, I am interested in Digix Dao as it is (apparently) backed by physical gold. I guess on the DAO principal, which you explained well.

  14. Villa On Tourettes

    Excellent video, very informative!

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