EU BANKS COLLAPSING!!! Bitcoin, Defi, ETH Undervalued (Still)

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Published on May 10, 2020



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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. searchthetruth

    QFS will have the gold standard global currency? Tell me wich Crypto currency is a gold backed currency?????????????????????????????

  2. Gabrielly Melo Silva

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  3. Junidan

    According to many analysts, Bitcoin’s bull case remains intact, despite the recent weakness. So, for now, it's a bit risky to Hodl bitcoin and more advisable to trade what you have with a reliable strategy that yields profit even when the market is unstable. The high majority of smart investors trade daily with the help of David Robers strategy, a crypto expert by all qualifications which have been confirmed to be one of the best signal providers in the crypto space. As a professional and seasoned trader, he helped me make 5btc in just about 2 weeks using unique trade signals. He can be reached on [email protected] davidrobers. for further assistance.

  4. Enso

    13:10 Ivan's job requiremnts:
    • good skills
    • good brain
    Anything else? 😉

  5. george kreizler

    XRP releases 1 billion tokens per month and what remains unsold goes back into escro, therefor only a small increase in market liquidity.

  6. Phil Pritt

    Whats the best stable coin??

  7. Eplemos4Life

    World war 3 will not be between nations, but between the people who want to be free and slave organisations (government)

  8. orandaxi

    Sweden is new age communism

  9. Brad P

    Bitcoin is a double edge sword, could 5G be as well…?

  10. Pink Summer

    How the hell did you get so wise at such a young age?!

  11. Dee McRoy

    clearly has no clue to what Tether is and how it works (like most stable coins) ahaha Great video and valuable discussion however. Thanks for informing people.

  12. Linda Sue Clarence

    Great video, hey guys i suggest you check out topnotchcointrade for amazing Cryptocurrency trade, you will be amazed and no much talk, look them up yourself too.

  13. Jim Maguire

    Iran may not overtly have 5G, but do we know that 5G isn't covertly in Iran? The US/Zionist Neoconservative Military Industrial Complex is evil to put it mildly.

  14. Lavalambtron

    You really don’t know where to put your savings anymore because the world is full of charlatans everywhere mishandling it, especially those in charge of the broad economy and big banks and institutions. In the past you could put your money in the same institution for 100 years knowing it was completely safe but now you don’t know if your big and well known bank will still exist in 10 years…just sad the state of things today, we need honest but tough people in charge again.

  15. Passive Crypto Show

    ETH going back up

  16. Simon L

    Nothing is more permanent than a government temporary policy

    Speaking of taxes there was a telecom tax that was created back during the spanish American war in the late 1800s that was repeal in early 2000s. Temporary alright

  17. Nad-e- Ali

    Your intelligent and good looking

  18. Frank Inglis

    You are still using "Rent-seeking economics"! Not without real productivity Ivan. net Surplus Cheap dense energy is EVERYTHING Money is a Myth.

  19. Frank Inglis

    Bill of rights?

  20. Frank Inglis

    Just another tether pump and dump

  21. core information

    Ivan does marketing for crypto exchange, also ivan complains banks have our money

  22. T Accntb

    The flippening is real.

  23. James Davidson

    The contrast is killing me. Why are you using this effect?

  24. nester nunez

    Ivan “How are you du-ing…?!?!” On tech

  25. T Accntb

    Declaration of Independence

  26. Trent S

    Since USDC is pegged to the USD and the feds are printing at an unprecedented rate, and fed printing is a precursor to hyperinflation.. How safe is it to sit in this stable coin? Is it not too much risk as you can always buy into bitcoin or another as soon as things start to crash?

  27. Kyle G

    bitcoin the actual virus

  28. Martin Sebastian

    Greeting from an Argentinian, actually working in München
    Yeah DEAFULT is a SURE THING, from 2018, when IMF lend for political reasons more than 57.000 Million dollars

  29. Deven Legit

    Can you have a stable coin backed by something other than the dollar? Say gold maybe?

  30. Hitchslap

    Am I the only one that’s getting more and more annoyed with bombardment of adverts and affiliate products on good morning crypto. Kinda starts destroying the experience for me.

  31. Jandre Felix

    The Constitution was created for "We the PEOPLE"
    Now, the government is administrating BIRTH CERTIFICATES.
    That means that the governments don't see you as a man/woman in their courts but as a birth certificate.
    Youtube "how to deal with courts" it's a 10 min short vid to let you get a feel of what I'm talking about.
    It's the biggest fraud in human history and people have no clue that this is taking place!

  32. PlanetMusk Vlog

    I lost all respect for David Ike the other day when I saw that… He is a joke. Alex Jones was correct about him… David Ike is “a turd in the punch bowl!”

  33. Spikey Delica

    Since March 13 i have been listening to you Ivan.. Thank you for doing what you do 🙂 Learned so much from crypto since then. !!

  34. Shorna Thompson

    Ivan, you are very optimistic about crypto but it will never replace cash. Crypto markets have been crashing for the last 2yrs. You think in a Pandemic it's going to reach all time high. Let's not be delusional.

  35. SocialClub ingi

    i dont know about the 5G … I'm from the Netherlands and my cousin lives in "The Hague" during the placement of 5g, dead birds fell from the sky and she suffered from extreme headaches and breathing problems… there was a lantern near her house that looked like 5g installation….. they started removing them since… so im very skeptical about all the 5g stuff tbh =/

  36. D Si

    Virus doesn't come from energy waves… or does it?? lol

  37. arno nabuurs

    DBK is not pump and dump, its ONLY dump 🙂

  38. Ivan on Tech

    ⏰ TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell)
    Introduction- 0:00
    Boris Johnson in Intensive Care- 6:56

    Market Analysis- 8:33

    EU Banking Crumbling- 10:50

    Stablecoin Flippenings- 21:01

    Tether Prints 120 Million New Tokens- 24:22

    A Perspective on Freedom- 27:46

    Swedish Government Wants More Power- 29:05

    Argentina Likely Defaulting Again- 33:36

    MVRV ETH Valuations (Glassnode)- 37:52

    How it feels exploring the endless world of ETH- 42:43

    The economy is dependent on 50% of the population not knowing how it works- 43:41

    Q&A- 47:25

    Q1- AAVE Protocol Explanation 47:25

    Q2- Why don't you make an episode with Amedeo Brands? 49:12

    Q3- How to help local businesses with Defi? 49:47

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