First ‘Bitcoin Classic’ Nodes Launched — What Does This Mean?

Home Media DEF First ‘Bitcoin Classic’ Nodes Launched — What Does This Mean?
Published on January 18, 2016

Is 2MB the magic block size for the Bitcoin ecosystem — at least for now? The newest competing variant Bitcoin Classic (BC) is betting in the affirmative. Learn about who’s behind the project, who supports it, and what’s in the code.

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  1. sanisidrocr

    Bitcoin Classic doesn't represent any real capacity difference that cores proposal and BIP 102 isn't unique … what it really is a political campaign from 5 devs to unseat 45 devs of core in a coup. Bitcoin classic is filled with refugee supporters of BU and XT they are going to aggressively raise the blocksize. This is a trojan horse BIP 101 , rebranded!

  2. iPad Guy

    Amanda, thanks for keeping us up-to-date!

    With the lack of unique, non-corporate interests left in Bitcoin mining, I doubt this will get resolved any time soon.

  3. David de Kloet

    Do you use a teleprompter?

  4. Jacob Aho

    One of the developers for Lawnmower was in a startup accelerator in SFBAY and was an early adopter to Periscope. I used to watch him on there while they were coding the app and I was working at night as that was their schedule too. 1am workouts and middle of the night noodle runs became the norm on his scopes, was pretty interesting.

  5. Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Classic es el futuro en mi opinión!

  6. Craig Grant

    great informative video, I like Bitcoin Classic

  7. Liberty Warrior

    Hi Amanda, keep up the great work, this channel is great. I have setup a couple of wallets for some friends, but one has concerns about the future of bitcoin in it's current format. He has been watching some propaganda about bitcoin, he isn't a libertarian but he is a smart guy. Anyway, what do you think about the future of Bitcoin? Cheers.

  8. Ya b1znaz

    Also – the block size limit has not "Continuously" hit the upper limit. That is just flat out disinformation that fox news would be proud of. It has been hit a few times – that's it and apart than an few occasions the network has been working fine as is. There is enough wiggle to test out and implement SegWitness – which have significant downstream effects on efficiency regardless of block size. You can relax about the so called non-crisis about the block size limit.

  9. Ya b1znaz

    I like to see how nuclear plant designers would do with democratically considered technical proposals.

  10. Ya b1znaz

    You have just exposed yourself as being completely ignorant of what is going on and merely a parrot repeating what you have read on reddit. No mention of the vulnerabilities caused by simply increasing block size and any sort of understanding of implications in efficiency due to SegWitness.

    Bticoin Classic is nothing yet another attempt to seize control of bitcoin agenda picking up from the stillborn corpse of XT (who are the same developers you mentioned). They went from 20mb to 8mb (XT) which were both reckless attempts to increase blocksize with no attempt to deal with aforementioned vulnerabilities such as denial or service. Once they realized that none of the miners were taking them seriously, they desperately are trying to be relevant by capitulating to 2MB – which most miners (and core) were cool with since before. Don't pretend like the 2mb block size is some radical new idea.

    You are dealing with technical subject matter which cannot be reduced to simple sound bites. I would recommend that you keep your show to basic environment updates (like new products, etc.) rather than wade into the technically complex debates which you don't seem to want to put in the time to understand.

  11. barkingbandicoot

    If they ever made another TV series of Get Smart, I think you would be perfect to play 99.

  12. ausPPC

    I found a comment on the bitcointalk forum that highlights something I wasn't aware of re: the prevalence of 'dust' transactions within the bitcoin network… I'd c&p the post but apparently only Chrome users get to do that with youtube comments so… Here's the link instead:

  13. Rob F

    +The Daily Decrypt Thanks for the info Amanda! Question to you and everyone reading: What happens to my Bitcoins when this fork happens? For example, if my bitcoin are on Coinbase and Coinbase supports the change will my Bitcoin become Bitcoinclassic… coin? lol

    Also when the fork happens (and previous forks) does that take from the supply of the 21M bitcoins i.e. there will no be less than 21M created? Thanks

  14. Whats Wrong

    I don't understand bitcoin classic or bitcoin xt or anything else. is it a new bitcoin coin? Or is it just an upgrade to the current bitcoin system?

  15. screwityoutubization

    And you have a great day, Amanda!

  16. TheApnean


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