LAToken (LA) – What is it? Should you invest in it?

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Published on January 12, 2020

What is LAToken? Why is it one of the most promising ICOs going on right now? All answers about LAToken answered in this video!


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  1. you not going to invest in it yet you say its worth investing ?

  2. TrunXo4

    Hey , if you would have to choose , would u pick tokendesk or latoken to invest in?

  3. I invested in this ICO about a week ago and received only the regular bonus not the referral one of 4%. Also my referee never received his bonus. I looked at their telegram support chat and lots of people are very angry about the missing bonuses.

  4. hi from australia……..really like your programs……… can i buy this token? ……..i am a bit of a nooby

  5. LAToken ICO is not available to residents and citizens of USA and China. So I'm shut out twice over.

  6. I'm a subscriber and love the videos you do, as they are both accurate and informative. I heard you also have a positive opinion about Verge, and I happen to be a Core Team Member and a spokesman for Verge. I don't know if you consider or do interviews with projects like ours, but I would be happy to be on your show if you are interested. Whatever the case, keep on doing what you do so well!

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