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Published on December 26, 2018
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The purpose of this video to provide information about the different agencies that want to regulate the cryptocurrency markets.

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  1. The SEC is the joke of the world, they see manipulation happen, do nothing, wait they have no control over Bitcoin or the market so they are powerless do do anything anyway. All they want to do is fine the little guy, let Jamie get away with his massive fraud, they want to take over Bitcoin , it’s world wide but the SEC think they are the rulers, what bull shit.

  2. Heidi what are your price predictions for the end of 2019? Do you think we will ever reach previous ATH again?

  3. thank you Heidi! i support your voice of truth and Wake Up message! Ivan on Tech has video on DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGES chedck it out peeps!

  4. D H

    can decentralized exchanges some how circumvent SEC bs?

  5. Boshman

    Awesome information Heidi. The frogs are boiling!

  6. Great video. Lots of important information broken down succinctly for others to grasp this complex subject

  7. Dave D.

    NY is the worst. Cuomo blames the exodus of ppl and business on 'the weather'. More like the suffocating regulations, taxes and bans on your Constitutional rights. Let's not forget the sanctuary status where illegals count more than citizens.

  8. Nig Tau

    Don't fall for it! Never let them in the door! It NEVER ends well! Let them have low end shitcoins!

  9. One pretty simple thing: if they want to regulate the crypto market, at least they should provide us info on when the assets are going to rise or fall, since the market is regulated and controlled, and so, everyone will do regulated withdraws when it's possible or will be able to buy when it's the right moment, about before the asset is going to rise in price via regulated capital injections. Regulations should help cultivate and grow assets making wealth for all the investors. And everybody would be happy. Otherwise regulations of any type only would ruin these assets born expecially to be free to move money

  10. Well said. In general, you do need rules of the land for some things. Just probably certain hands have now too much power over people's business. A catch 22 really.

  11. people should ignore government and go for decentralised exchanges

  12. It's all about the bankers and their puppet government to try and keep control. We the people have finally got the control back of our life and our money we don't need any of these controls.

  13. hr 777

    Ok I will explore (DEX) thanks Heidi 😉

  14. Aw. But there are no 'pros' to regulation. It's all just threats of force.

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