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Published on September 13, 2019

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  1. Skyfleet

    You hit the nail on the head.
    Far to expensive to gain adoption

  2. MT AAs

    Please use a different better quality camera. Can't read the texts at all even at 720P. Very informative review BTW.

  3. Macktube X

    This is the exact kind of wallet Ive been waiting for, all the other ones are too small and you can barely read what they're saying. They're too easy to lose or damage . What is the fee approximately when sending crypto from this wallet to an exchange. I hate fees lol

  4. Mark Mogensen

    Once again, good job doll. Thank you.

  5. Steele

    I personally dislike the fingerprint. If I get beat up they have my fingerprint, and I to open it up. On the ledger it deletes itself after failed password attempts

  6. sonoio2002

    Why is your camera so far away – there is nothing to see on the wallet screen … :-/

  7. Pierre Jean Jouve

    Thank you Alex

  8. Blue Noah

    Besides your very informative videos, you are so beautiful and it's a pleasure watching you! 😀


    rat dep

  10. Agxd42

    Thank you for all your videos Alex, Please consider a video comparing Cold storage wallets. I have KK and Nanao S. Love them.

  11. Ozzy Bogan Tech

    Good video, all I need now is enough Crypto to bother buying one. lol at that price I could just buy crypto and triple my portfolio.

  12. PePoBread

    Great content as always !!!!!Thanks

  13. Skatter

    Thats Me! Thank you again. Ill post pictures on your Twitter page when i get it

  14. Mr Bitcoin

    You the reason I got Cold wallet. And now I will be getting this one also . Thank you for the review

  15. Cryptology

    Looks alright!
    Good review, thanks.
    P.s. NFC usually works back2back 🙂

  16. JM V


  17. claudioboc64

    Ahggg did not win but that's ok next time

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