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Published on September 13, 2019

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  1. Cripto Geneous

    PR Publication Service for Blockchain Based Service

  2. P F

    Candor your info on these wallets are great…

  3. luis rodriguez

    Is reviews your only content? Just wondering.

  4. Stuart Niven

    Thank you Alex! I wish it stored XRP and ADA!!

  5. Kevin Djoffon

    Looks great

  6. JM V


  7. Abeitw PureGaming

    CryotoCandor, would you take a look on Hydro (HYDRO) ? i am trying to understand the sintech thing but the only thing i got is the Raindrop Authentication, anyways this is a great review, Unboxing something and showing how it works there is not many youtubers doing that. suh a great information!

  8. claudio borquez

    Great video again

  9. Exciting World Cryptos

    Temexe military looks like an interesting concept. i like that gives lots of literature in the comes in. Could have lots of advantages for sure. Any way thanks for sharing. very concise for.sure. JR

  10. RebelwthaSnowFt

    "Military grade" sounds great – unless you're in the military. Lol

  11. Gary Blake

    Short and honest, and straightforward. Thank you very much for taking the time to do these videos. Very much appreciated

  12. yes no

    Video is good not blurry but I don't like that ring in your finger. It reminded me of witches which I used to see in Disney channel

  13. Kevin Carroll

    Thank you!

  14. TheFantasic MrFox

    It's made in China. No thanx!

  15. crypto_Don_Juan$

    are u picking up more kin at these prices ?

  16. Slayer Fan

    Nice review Alex, you must have just done your nails for it! lol

  17. crypto_Don_Juan$


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