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Published on July 7, 2019

Part 1 of my 2 part review of supply chain based blockchain projects. This video features #Waltonchain, #Vechain, and #WaBi!

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  1. wabi is the best coin in the world

  2. AJ

    oh god. so technical. this one made my tiny man brain hurt lol.

  3. Oh, this is one I have not seen in ONE video. Great topic. I keep VET as so far on topic.
    Also my introduction to your channel was your interview with Cam at Crypto Daily.
    And will you marry me? Clearly a beautiful mind. YES, I'm kidding,,, yeah kidding.
    The mind thing is true though.

  4. VeChain is like XRP, it's going to CHANGE THE WORLD…

  5. Wow. Came here for the crypto knowledge and instead fell in love…learned a bit too, but mostly fell in love

  6. Vechain how you like me now lol Vechain is king!

  7. Aurall

    Great great work, Loving these videos!

  8. Can’t wait to see your Vechain review as Blockchain X – mainnet / THOR.. Vechain is not a supply chain coin as you know, it’s an enterprise solution platform.. dapps, ICOs, the whole shebang.. I think you’d do a kick ass job with a deep dive now that you have learned (like we all have) this is something much bigger..

  9. As of July 01 2018 the wtc mainnet has NOT been launched and there is no date for a token swap.

  10. Thank you for always making great informative NO BS videos, Thanks for all the great content

  11. As of June 22, 2018, Walton hasn't swapped the ERC 20 tokens yet, so don't send your exchange-purchased WTC (ERC 20 tokens) to the Walton Mainnet wallet. Again, the exchanges are still using the ERC 20 version of WTC. If you want Mainnet WTC tokens, download the Mainnet wallet and start mining. You will earn Mainnet WTC (referred to as WTCT). Hope this helps.

  12. i been following closely ven and wtc progress since sept 2017. and have done non stop research on both lets compare the facts on wtc and ven currently as of today 6/16/2018… ven partnerships 24 – wtc partnerships 50+… ven supports child chains or subchains to scale the network? No. – wtc supports unlimited childchain to scale the network? yes – ven confirmed to be implemented in 2 smart cities in china? No – wtc confirmed to be implemented in 2 smart cities in china? yes – ven korean govts partnerships 0 – wtc korean govt partnerships 1 with "KSA" owned by korean goverment… ven china govt partnerships 1 limited – wtc china govt partnerships 8 including china iot mobile alliance and alibaba cloud and several china provinces and companies owned by govt.. – ven will make their own hardware and already has fully working prototypes of chips and scanners? No – wtc is already making their own hardware with patented tech and chips and scanners? Yes.. – ven has a plan and solution to scale the network unlimited? No – wtc has a plan and solution to scale the network unlimited? yes via uncapped childchains implementantion.. – ven marketcap is 2 billion – wtc marketcap is only 300 million… – ven is supplychain and blockchain – wtc is IoT + supplychain and also blockchain… ven amount of won awards? 0 – wtc amount of won awards 16 so far… – is the ven token needed to run the technology ensuring long term growth? No because the vet thor amount wont have caps and will keep on generating devaluing it base on ever increasing supply vs demand – is the wtc token needed to run the technology? yes and supply caps at 100 million tokens that will take 20 years to be mined this will ensure long term exponential growth in marketcap base on capped supply vs an ever increasing organic demand by multi billion dollar companies after mass production this year they already waiting to use wtc technology…. – conclution base on the facts above is ven focus on marketing to normal investors hence the current large marketcap – while wtc focus on large scale business to business relations and focus on delivering real progress and development kicking some serious ass when it comes to real world implementation years ahead of the rest with out the need of aggressive hype marketing to normal investors and has first mover advantage for the "internet of things" as well as for "supply chain" since mass production for 1 of the 4 type of chips is already started the rest will come by end of the year. after that the real organic demand for the token will start to kick in by those companies and wtc real marketcap will start to show base on organic real demand and use cases alone… research both projects deeply in and out and you to will see the truth. i challange anyone to do their own deep research and see the truth by the "facts". ignore fud or shills just stick to facts and do your own deep researchs in both and after that make your own judgement. we are in very early stages of 2 great projects but the facts on 1 are way bigger than the facts on the other 1. and market manipulation, shills and fud wont be able to surpress this forever mass production has started and the big organic buys by multi billion dollar companies will start to come when those products are delivered to those partners and scans start to happen when they using the technology each tx will cost them fractions of walton tokens. at that point the growth will be organic natural and real and wont need no more speculation money to exponentially catapult wtc marketcap. this is where walton will shine and show their truth value and people will realize the scope of the project but it will be to late. similar to how btc eth neo blow up and now its way harder to afford them compared to 2 years a go. that will be wtc in 2020. but with a higher demand since it wont be normal investors it will be done by multi billion dollar companies. who will be using the technology therefore they will need the token to pay their scans tx fees in the network. and overtime it will add up.

  13. Great video lots of awesome info. Usually you mention if your holding these tokens in your disclaimers. Are you?

  14. NFC is just a RFID chip operating on the HF frequency, which can only be scanned in close range. Various frequencies have various use cases (e.g. you can't make product inventory by mass-scanning NFC). Waltonchain has RFID chips operating at various frequencies, including HF. To say that NFC gives an edge to VeChain is completely wrong. The real advantage lies in the patented reader that WTC has developed which allows to scan 1500 products at a time and their low-cost RFID chips (<0.05$) that have a patented ASIC for ID generation & cryptographic signing.

  15. A lot of really good information, glad it is in 2 parts!

  16. In a couple of years you will have 500k-1mil subs if you continue

  17. Sobuka

    I just subscribed. Not sure why I’m just finding your channel.

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