Waves Platform: From Zero Knowledge to Launching your own ICO

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Published on July 4, 2018

Introducing Waves – fastest and friendliest blockchain to date.

(In order to learn faster and participate in the Airdrop of tokens to your wallet, please install Waves Wallet and fill out the form at
bit.ly/wavesform )
1. How to Start with Waves
I will go through the process in real time and you can follow:
1.1. Setting up a Wallet (Installation, Backing up with SEED Prase)
1.2. Receiving funds in your wallet (Crypto or Fiat).
1.3. Buying Waves on the DEX (decentralized exchange)
1.4. Leasing your Waves (and making profit)
1.5. Launching your Token (for Crowdfunding = ICO)
1.6. Selling your Token on the DEX
1.7. Airdropping your Token
2. How to set up your own node and start mining Waves.


  1. Are there any active developers in the Louisville,MY area?

  2. Angelo

    WAVES isn't the fastest. Liars

  3. WAXEX Fiat Gateways: Exchanging South African rand into Rand (ZAR) Token and Back on Waves Platform

    For more informations go to :

    Waves African Exchange – Africa’s Digital Gateway

    As far Waves Team itself does NOT build such FIAT gateways themself, there are a few upcoming projects, based on Waves Platform that develope and add more FIAT gateways to the community of Waves Platform users.

    If you know similar projects like the one above based in Cape Town , South Africa, projects that work on other FIAT gateways , that later can be used by the worldwide Waves Platform User Community , please let us know here !

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