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Published on April 15, 2016

SuperNET core team member Tobias Schwarz — who coded today’s release of SuperNET Lite 3.0 — tells Amanda what SuperNET does, its history, and how it can be used.

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Show links:
SuperNet lite 3: tosch110.github.io/SuperNET-Lite-3
SuperNET homepage: supernet.org
Tobias’ Twitter: twitter.com/ToschDev

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  1. PTY X

    How are you Amanda, I think you would be proud of the HyperDEX. The SuperNET vision is coming true through Komodo and Barterdex core. t.co/inynnbR347

  2. Super Net Bisbilhonautas


  3. Mr Yellow

    This lady ain't putting videos anymore why??

  4. Mr Yellow

    What super net??

  5. Dr. Johnny Cash

    The SuperNET is an attempt to hack into the blockchain…

  6. Jimmy Durmody

    I never thought about SuperNET as a multiwallet, that really is not what is SN about.

  7. Sinan Bombeiter


  8. CloakedCedric

    Don't you consider OpenLedger an existing decentralized exchange?

  9. David Michael Chen Private

    Every time I hear about this Supernet concept there are so many aspects to and it is so convoluted I'm left frustrated to the point I want to run for the trees.

  10. Smoked Coconut

    sorry can you repeat repeat

  11. House of Core

    Supernet is genius. James is of of the people, for the people by the people but hey, you can invest in whatever you wish, so what's the new flavour of the month ?

  12. idonotknow whoiam

    hi, Amanda. i am your fan with bad English ) Tobias involved in WAVES ICO. shure your heard about it. they claim about 2kk already in couple day. how he can work at 2 big project at one time? ) also i have question to Tobias, he said something about Pangea Poker. As i understand Pangea Poker faced with problems. Tobias pls tell something about plans to Pangea.

  13. Bitcoin Trading

    Raving Fan. Raving Fan of this channel!

  14. John Karanja

    I have been following SuperNet for a long time and it is indeed one of the more complex projects to understand. However the irony is if they pull it off it will be one of the easier platforms to use as they making end user applications that will be used on browsers without needing to download blockchains but still remaining decentralised/distributed.

    I am currently compiling my research into a commercial paper if you are interested you can subscribe for it here bit.ly/1SRFYm4

    Thanks Amanda for the great Vids.

  15. Crypto Gambler

    A small attempt to provide a bit of basic clarity since I have some time:

    The NXT AE is a decentralized way to issue and trade NXT "assets" on the NXT blockchain. SuperNET is just one of these assets. You can buy NXT, and using the NXT software, navigate to an asset and place limit or market buys and sells – just like any centralized exchange.

    Let's say you refuse to use any centralized exchange though, how do you get NXT to buy an asset? Well, there is software called the multigateway or MGW for short. You can send BTC to this multigateway and be given SuperBTC (also a NXT asset) instead. SuperBTC is then tradable directly for NXT on the AE and now you have "money" to go shopping for other assets.

    What is the multigateway though? If memory serves it is a cluster of 3 separate servers, owned and administered by different parties in different locations, set up to use 2 of 3 multisig technology. To change your SuperBTC back into real BTC, two servers need to sign the transaction. It's not exactly decentralized, but its not centralized either. It'd be pretty hard to hack. MGW also works for a variety of other coins that support 2 of 3 multisig – changing them into SuperXXX.

    MGW also has it's own asset that you can buy directly! The thought being that when this technology is widely used, a small fee for the exchange will be paid as a dividend to asset holders (right now this fee doesn't even cover server costs). Over time, and with large numbers of users, this could work out to be a fair return. Additionally, SuperNET owns a good percentage of MGW… something that you will find very common when you start digging. SuperNET owns the lions share of all assets that operate underneath it's umbrella. MGW is just one… Tobias named Pangea as another… there are many many more. Supernet will distribute dividends it receives from assets it holds, out to SuperNET owners as well. Think of SuperNET like a mutual fund of dividend paying stocks.

    Right now the AE is limited to NXT/Asset transactions – and the order types are extremely limited. SuperNET seeks to solve those issues through InstantDex – a decentralized exchange that will allow asset/asset transactions and MM bots that provide liquidity and make profits on all major pairs. Guess what, there is an asset called InstantDex that will pay fees it earns to asset holders.. there is a asset for the MM bots call COINSCO that will pay out the profits of the MM bots to asset holders…

    Starting to see how this is all tied together now?

    Now, much of the plan has changed as Tobias alluded to… this is crypto and shit happens. The NXT dev's screwed asset developers over and the guy doing the instantdex GUI vanished… so, plans change… but Iguana is the result and from what I hear it is going to be bigger and better, faster and easier. We shall see if the rumors become reality.

    Hope this helped.

  16. ausPPC

    I was a devotee of Shapeshift but recently had to give myself a crash course on Poloniex. I don't like the whole registration thing but it's nice that I can set a price and just have an open order that may or may not be met instead of having to wait for a price (and hope that I'm paying attention at the time) before initiating an exchange.

  17. David Cohen

    Bewildering, and I shared Amanda and others' frustration in getting a straightforward overview of the what, how, by whom and why. Is there one to be had? (link?) From the presentation here, it seemed to all be a mishmosh of kinda everything-and-yet-nothing, and a lot of things it wants to do, or be, or try, but isn't yet. How do those diverse goals unite under a single concept? A beginning might include some clue about what the NXT asset exchange he referred to is and does. Is it 'live' and being used? For what?

    Further, I'd like to understand:

    –project organization and governance in Supernet.
    –the exact relationship of NXT and Supernet. Amanda asked, but the response did not clarify in the least.

  18. Pascal Houde

    Not clear enough yet to dive into it…

  19. Lee Gordon Seebach

    Fictional reserve notes into bitcoin, I use Coinbase. Bitcoin into DASH, I use ShapeShift. Bitcoin into BitShares, I use Metaexchange. Trustworthy? So far, so good.

  20. Crypto Gambler

    It's a complex topic that he explained incredibly poorly.

  21. Kaybe23

    Decentralized Exchange ? Whould be great …

  22. RetroGamePlus

    I can't say I know much more about SuperNET or NXT after watching this.

  23. fulltimegeek


    Use that mighty keyboard in front of you to type the following name into google "DONALD MARSHALL" and read about what the biggest whistleblower of ALL-TIME has to say. And WAKE THE F&*K UP.

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